Work to Residence Visa

If you are planning to come to New Zealand for work, you must know that New Zealand offers a wide range of work visas. All of them are temporary work visas in essence, but a few of them can lead to residency.
There are many ways to land up in New Zealand for work. If your skills, qualifications, and experiences match the requirements that are listed on the Long Term Skills shortage list, you can apply for a Long Term Skills Shortage List Work Visa. Another way to join the New Zealand job markets is by working for a New Zealand Accredited Employer.
Accredited Employer work visa has a clear pathway to residency. For other temporary work visas, there is no direct path for grant of residency. However, there is a points-based system, and if you are a skilled employee, your chances of getting a residency increase significantly. It will be best if you Book a Consultation session with us to know more.
If you have the experience and qualification that meets the criteria and have been working for 2 years or more for a New Zealand based employer, you may be eligible to apply for this visa.
This visa offers a clear pathway to residency. If you have been working for a New Zealand accredited employer for 2 years and meet the other requirements of this visa, you can live and work permanently here.