New Zealand Family Visas

You can include your family while you travel to New Zealand. Depending upon the purpose of your visit, there are many good visa options available that allow you to bring your family along. New Zealand family visas would suffice the need of almost every kind of traveler.
Depending upon the primary applicant or your visa category, you may or may not be allowed to include your partner or dependent children on the visa. In case they need to accompany you and are not included in your visa, applying for a family visa is the only option left.
Immigration New Zealand has a range of visas that help partners, dependent children, and even parents of New Zealand visa holders to join them here in the country.
If you are in an established relationship with a permanent resident or a citizen of New Zealand, then, based on this relationship, you will be granted a family visa. Visit this page to know more.
In case you have dependent children, there are many visa options that you can use to bring them to New Zealand along with you.
Do you want to bring your parents or grandparents to New Zealand? This category of family visas is for you. Click on “Read More” to know how we can help.