Visas to Study in New Zealand

Planning to study in New Zealand is a choice that could prove to be highly rewarding. New Zealand education system offers practicality coupled with employability. The education system here is one of the best in the world and is globally acclaimed.
A degree earned from an institution in New Zealand ensures global recognition. The education imparted matches the international job market demands. Courses are more practical oriented and teach the application of theory well. No wonder students passing from New Zealand universities are job ready from day one and find acceptability in the global markets.
Depending upon the level of education as well as the duration of the course, there are many good student visa options that any international student can put to use.
As an international student, there are many good study visa options at your disposal. Depending upon the course/stream of your study along with the duration of the course, one could choose the right option. Read more here.
If you are here on a work visa and have dependent children who are eligible for school level education, this visa is for you. Your children will be treated as domestic students, and you will not be paying any school fees for their education.
If you are a student who has completed a valid and acceptable educational qualification from New Zealand, you can use this visa to seek gainful employment anywhere in the country. The duration of this visa will depend upon the nature of your qualification.