Deportation proceedings can have serious implications on your New Zealand Immigration. The INZ (Immigration New Zealand) may serve you with a DLN (Deportation Liability Notice) for various reasons. You will be forced to leave the country.
The INZ may find you liable for deportation based on various factors, the most common of which is failing to leave New Zealand before the expiry of your visa. You may, however, make an appeal with the IPT to cancel the deportation order

The IPT and Its Working Relationship With the INZ

The IPT (Immigration and Protection Tribunal) was set up as an independent body as part of the Immigration Act 2009. Its job is to take up petitions associated with resident visa claims and New Zealand deportation cases.
Note that the IPT does not work under the INZ. Also, it is not in the business of issuing visas. You are allowed to appeal your INZ deportation notice irrespective of your immigration status – temporary visa, resident visa or even if you are in the country illegally.
The IPT works independently of the INZ, and the appeals process works differently than the INZ visa processes. So, if you need to make an IPT appeal, ensure that you are working under the guidance of an immigration expert who understands the IPT appeals process. Remember, deportation proceedings may lead to detention and also a ban from entering New Zealand again.

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Making a Deportation Appeal with the IPT

The IPT has specific parameters that decide if the tribunal will hear your appeal. Your petition must meet these requirements:
  • Should be driven by facts, so you must establish that the deportation order failed to consider all the realities of the case
  • Should have humanitarian reasons for consideration, such as proving the existence of severe circumstances that make your removal from the country extremely harsh or unjust
  • Your continued stay should not pose any harm to the country’s public interest
The IPT may decide your appeal as such:
  • Allow it
  • Allow it with up to 5 years of suspension of the DLN
  • Disallow it
  • Disallow it, but reduce or completely remove the time you were required to spend outside the country
  • Disallow it, but delay your deportation

You may want to get your deportation situation evaluated by a New Zealand immigration expert to see if your case is worth making an IPT deportation appeal. Our Auckland based immigration team has an excellent track record of achieving success with the most complicated deportation appeals. Book a consultation to seek our open and honest advice.

Approaching the IPT Deportation Appeals Process

The timelines are strict and the more you delay, the more difficult it gets to have the IPT accept your appeal. It also take s a lot of meticulous effort to prove the grounds of appeal.
What makes it even more challenging is that the IPT is unlikely to provide you with an opportunity of an oral hearing. Everything depends on the paperwork you submit when making the IPT deportation appeal. IPT does allow oral hearings in rare cases, but you don’t have the right to expect one.
Your New Zealand dream is in real danger here – with the possibility of additional consequences such as deportation and lifetime ban on entering the country again.

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