If you remain in New Zealand after your visa has expired, your presence in the country becomes unlawful, and you would be liable for deportation.
There are many other scenarios that might lead to deportation. No matter what the cause be, there is always a provision to appeal against it within the given time frames.

You can become liable for deportation if:

  • Your visa has expired, and you are still in the country.
  • You have breached the conditions of your visa.
  • You have committed a criminal offence.
  • The information provided by you for obtaining a visa is found to be false in the future frame of time.

Appealing Against Deportation

You are allowed to appeal against the deportation notices served to you. You must be able to explain the circumstances of your deportation and why you should not be deported in front of the tribunal. Everything has to be in writing and should be backed up with concrete evidence. Please keep in mind that deportation appeals require solid legal groundwork. It’s a serious matter, and you should hire a licensed immigration adviser like us to take the matters in the right direction.
Appeals should be made within 42 days of becoming unlawful. If you are liable for deportation for some other reason, you only have 28 days to appeal against it. All deportation cases are heard at the IPT, and it would be best that you let a professional immigration expert handle and represent your case. Please remember that these matters cannot be taken lightly, and once you get deported, obtaining any visa again will be quite difficult.
Book a free consultation with us in case you are in a similar situation. Our experts will be able to sort things out for you. It’s a serious matter and should be taken care of by professionals.