Immigration Problems

The immigration process for every country is full of legal formalities. The same holds for New Zealand. There are so many legal compliances that it is natural for an applicant to make mistakes. The application process is full of checklists and supporting documents that need to be furnished.
While applying for a visa, the quantum of information that is sought is huge. It’s pretty natural to omit information or make errors while applying. At times, the errors are detected while the application is being processed, and at times, they are detected at a later stage.
Whatever the case may be, facing immigration issues is a serious thing and has to be dealt with by professionals. That’s where the intervention of professional immigration advisers like us comes into play.
If the information furnished by you to Immigration New Zealand is found to be prejudicial, i.e. the outcome of the information submitted would have a negative outcome on your visa application, the immigration department would seek clarification from you so that your visa application is not rejected.
If you are aged 17 or above and wish to apply for residency or a visa that allows you to stay in the country for over 24 months, you will have to produce an evidence of a clean character. In case you have issues with character in your home country, seeking remedy from a licensed immigration adviser is the best way out.
Immigration New Zealand requires persons applying for a temporary visa or a long term visa to meet the minimum health standards, unless you are planning to visit the country for medical treatment. You would be required to furnish proof that you do not pose a public health threat while you are in New Zealand and would not need expensive medical care while in the country.
Section 61 is applicable when your stay becomes unlawful in New Zealand. For example, if you overstay your work visa, Section 61 might be imposed on you. The purpose of this section is not to punish you, but, to make your stay lawful again.
In case you receive a notice from the immigration department regarding any immigration related issues, you have the right to appeal against it at the Immigration and Protection Tribunal (IPT). This case scenario is best handled by professional immigration advisers like us.
Special directions are passed by the Minister of Immigration. It is a special condition which might be imposed by the minister or his/her delegate for your particular case. Waivers in visa conditions are an example of special directions. You may appeal for it either in person or through your immigration adviser.
You, as a visa holder, have the right to lodge a complaint against the immigration department in case you feel that the department has failed to follow their own process. For more details, get in touch with us now.
Deportation notice will be issued to you if you stay in New Zealand on an expired visa, or there are situations at your end which might attract deportation. There is a substantial time window for the entire process, and the immigration department has broad powers in this case. They might even cancel your deportation if the reasons provided for the same are strong.