Immigration Problems

Immigration Problems such as Medical Issues and Character Issues can prevent you from getting a New Zealand visa unless you take corrective steps in time. Also, immigration issues such as deportation can mean an end to your immigration journey.
It is not straightforward to follow all the INZ (Immigration New Zealand) processes and procedures to the word, and hence it is common for most people to fall in the trap of making mistakes on their visa application. Many folks end up getting into deportation proceedings because of their personal situation.

NZ Migration Help has put together one of the best New Zealand immigration teams in our Auckland office. Our immigration experts have many years of experience in helping our clients overcome all sorts of complicated immigration problems to succeed in their visa and immigration goals. Book a consultation to discuss your predicament, and let our licensed immigration advisers help you out.

Potentially Prejudicial Information or PPI letters are issued by the New Zealand immigration officer handling your visa application when they find something that may harm your visa outcome. Respond clearly and timely.
Character issues are concerns that lead the INZ to believe that you do not hold a good character and may potentially pose a security risk to the country. We can help you get a Character Waiver or Special Direction.
INZ may not approve your visa if you have Medical issues, i.e. your health may impose a severe cost on the country. Our immigration experts can get you a Medical Waiver or help you get through with a Second opinion.
A section 61 request approval reinstates your immigration status in New Zealand in cases where you could not leave the country before your visa expired. We can help you get one and make your stay lawful again.
Immigration Appeals are petitions made to the IPT (Immigration and Protection Tribunal) for overturning visa decisions made by the INZ. We can also help you get your deportation and refugee status changes overturned.
Special Directions are needed when New Zealand immigration laws prevent you from qualifying for a visa. The Minister of Immigration has discretionary powers for issuing them. We know how to get one for you.
Complaints process is a critical component of the policies followed by the INZ. The agency has adopted a formal complaints process so you can report dissatisfaction against its staff behaviour, services, etc.
Deportation proceedings can have serious implications on your New Zealand Immigration. The INZ) may serve you with a DLN (Deportation Liability Notice) for various reasons. Let us help you get out of the situation.