Character Issues

Immigration New Zealand takes the character of an individual seriously. If you’ve received a letter from them about character issues, we can help you out.
Character is something that is critical to your visa application. Any issues with character should never be taken lightly. It could result in the rejection of your visa application and could have long term consequences.
Professional immigration consultants like us can help you secure special directions for waiver of character issues. However, if you have character issues that come under the purview of section 15 and section 16 of the immigration act, nothing can be done.
It’s only under very special circumstances that you might secure a character requirement waiver. It is pretty rare and would require legal expertise by your side.

Serious Character Issues

Please note the following information. It portrays very serious character issues and will most likely result in a non-grant of visa.
  • A conviction for an offence where you have served a jail term of 5 years.
  • A conviction in the last 10 years where you have served a jail term of one year or longer.
  • Offences that prohibit you from entering New Zealand.
  • Deportation from any country.
  • If the government of New Zealand has a reason to believe that you are likely to commit an offence in the country.
  • If you are a risk to the security of the country.
  • If you are likely to be a threat to public order.
  • If you are a risk to the public interest.
The above mentioned issues would require a special direction for a waiver. It’s a complex legal process and would require experts dealing with your case.

Character Issues Where a Waiver is Required

The following issues would require a character waiver in order to obtain a temporary visa:
  • If you have ever been convicted of an offence against immigration, citizenship or passport laws in any country.
  • If you have ever done forgery or provided false information, or withheld material information when applying for a New Zealand visa, or when supporting another person’s New Zealand visa application.
  • If you’ve committed any offence where you have served a jail term.
  • If you’ve been convicted in New Zealand, where the offence committed would attract imprisonment of 3 months or more.
  • If you are under investigation for an offence under which, if convicted, you would be awarded a jail term of 12 months or more.
For the waiver and special directions in such cases, you would require a solid legal representation. That’s exactly what we can provide you with. Just book a free consultation with our expert team. We’ll sort things out for you.