Investor Visas

If you are an investor looking forward to reside permanently in New Zealand based on your investment in the country, New Zealand Investor Visas are for you.

Investor Visa (Investor 2 Category)

NZ$ 3 million

The duration of New Zealand Investor Visa is four years. It means that you have to stay invested in New Zealand for at least four years for a grant of resident status. This visa requires you to stay in the country for 146 days per year for the last three years of the visa duration or 438 days in total over the entire period of the visa.

Additional Requirements:

  • You should have a minimum of 3 years of experience in running a business.
  • You must be proficient in English language as per the New Zealand immigration norms.
  • Your family members must meet the same English language requirements.
  • You must not be any older than 65 years.
  • Remember that there is a quota of 400 visas per year only.

Investor Plus Visa (Investor 1 Category)

NZ$ 10 million

The duration of the investor plus visa is three years. One must stay invested in the country for this duration for a grant of resident status. This visa requires you to stay in the country for 44 days each year of the previous two years or 88 days over the entire validity of the visa.

What is the Acceptable Investment Criteria For NZ Investor Visas?

New Zealand investor visas are divided into two categories. You may choose one as per your financial goals and limitations.
For Investor 1 visa category, a minimum investment of NZ$ 10 million is required for 3 years. Currently, for the investor 1 category, there are no additional criteria or requirements. However, you must meet the character requirements of the country, and your circumstances must not have changed till your arrival into the country.
For the investor 2 categories, a minimum of NZ$3 million investment is required for a period of 3 years. Your age should not exceed 65 years, and you should meet other underlying criteria to invest.

Investor Visa Acceptable Investments

As per the current legal guidelines of New Zealand, the following criteria must be noted for an investment to be acceptable.
  • Your investment should be able to demonstrate a financial return.
  • Your investment should be made in New Zealand.
  • The currency on investment must be New Zealand Dollars only.
  • Your investment should be in a legal enterprise or managed funds.
  • Your investment must contribute to the country’s economy.
  • Your invested money cannot be used for your personal expenses or use.
Furthermore, investments can also be made in bonds, property, equity, and certain other avenues.

If You Are Investing in Bonds

  • Bonds should be issued by the New Zealand government or local bodies authorized to do so.
  • Bonds should be issued by those companies that are listed on NZDX.
  • Bonds should have a minimum rating of  BBB-; they should be rated by any international rating agency of repute.
  • Investments in bonds issued by New Zealand banks are also an acceptable investment option.
  • Investments in bonds of New Zealand based finance companies are also acceptable.

If You are Investing in Equity

  • Equity can be of public or private New Zealand based firms.
  • Equity can be of banks registered in New Zealand.
  • Eligible New Zealand venture capital funds.

If You Are Investing in Property

  • The property can be a residential development project.
  • It can also be a commercial project.

Other Valid Investment Options

Other valid investment options as allowed by the New Zealand government are philanthropic investments and angel fund investments.

Investing in New Zealand by Forming a Trust, Company & LLP

Investors are allowed to hold investments under the aegis of trust, provided the following conditions are satisfied.
  • You are the sole trustee
  • You, your partner, or dependent children are acting as trustees.
  • You can also include a professional trustee.
  • Do take note that the inclusion of a commercial trustee is not allowed under this arrangement.
As an investor, you are allowed to form a company or an LLP. However, you would not be allowed to lend funds to other companies or third parties.

Utilizing Investment Funds To Acquire a New Zealand Investor Visa

As already mentioned above, you have to keep your investment locked in the investment vehicle of your choice for the minimum stipulated period of time. Not doing so will result in the violation of visa policies, and you may lose privileges that were promised to you.

When Does the Investment Period Begin?

In case the immigration authorities are satisfied that the funds you name in your visa application are constituting a valid form of investment, your investment period begins from the date of approval in principle. In case you wish to transfer your investment funds after you get the approval in principle, your investment period will commence from the date of transfer of funds.

2-Year Check on Investments

After 2 years of your investments, the government of New Zealand will check whether the investments you made are still valid or not. You will be required to furnish certain elements of evidence which would include:
  • New and updated portfolio valuation report of your investments.
  • A letter from your bank or financial institution that confirms the amount of funds invested.
  • Sales and purchase reports of the investments, if any.
  • Agreements or contracts in case you have shited your investments from one investment vehicle to another.
  • You are supposed to submit the requisite information within 3 months from your 2nd year investment anniversary.

Changing the Acceptable Investment Vehicle During the Investment Period

Rules allow you to shift your existing acceptable investment to another acceptable investment vehicle during the investment period. These transactions must be completed within 4 weeks. In simpler terms, it means if you sell your existing investments, you have 4 weeks to re-invest the sale proceeds. Just be sure to take the authorities in confidence so as to determine whether your reinvestment is valid or not beforehand. Please preserve all the documents of the transactions carefully as the same can be asked for at any time during your investment period.

Note: Any loss in investment value during the lock-in period does not require a top-up of funds.

What Happens if Your Residence is Approved in Principle?

You can get residence approved in principle under two conditions:
  • Your investment funds are approved by the government as a valid investment instrument, or.
  • You meet the underlying criteria and get approval in principle before the transfer of funds.
For the latter case, you must deposit the investment funds for your residence to be approved in principle. You and your family must meet the basic criteria though. Once your investment period is over, and you have successfully held your end of the deal, you and your family may be granted a permanent residence in New Zealand, and, later, citizenship.
Please note that you have 12 months to bring in your family on an Investor Visa, post which they might have to reapply for residence.

What Happens After Your Residence is Approved?

As mentioned above, you have 12 months to bring in your family in the country. Also, you can stay indefinitely in the country and travel to any place from here. You are also free to join any educational course or seek employment anywhere in New Zealand. You also enjoy many rights and privileges like education and healthcare, just like citizens.

Need Help in Applying For a New Zealand Investor Visa?

There are many other legal processes that have to be followed for the grant of a New Zealand Investor Visa. You would certainly need professional help for the same. We are here to assist you through every step. Our initial consultation is free of cost. Please feel free to get in touch.