Global Impact Visa (GIV)

The Global Impact Visa (GIV) is the first of its kind immigration policy that remains focused on solving global issues. Started and taken up by Immigration New Zealand, this visa is exclusively available to individuals and teams that have been accepted into the Edmund Hillary Fellowship.
Partnering with Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF), Immigration New Zealand have created an innovative immigration product termed as GIV (Global Impact Visa) which is meant for high impact entrepreneurs, investors, change-makers, and start-up teams.

This provides impactful entrepreneurs and investors with a visa for 36 months that provides them with an opportunity to create, support, and incubate ventures and models that can have a positive impact in the world. After the completion of three years, the migrants can apply for permanent residency in New Zealand.

How Long Can You Stay on New Zealand Global Impact Visa?

One can stay for up to 36 months in New Zealand on Global Impact Visa.

What Does a New Zealand Global Impact Visa Allow You to Do?

  • Global Impact Visa allows you to live, study and work in New Zealand for a time period of 36 months.
  • After the completion of 30 months being on the Edmund Hillary Fellowship, you can also apply for permanent residence in New Zealand.

Two Stages of the Application Process:

  • Submission of application and acceptance into the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF).
  • Application for Global Impact Visa.

The Edmund Hillary Fellowship

The Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) supports a community of investors, impactful entrepreneurs, and change-makers to find innovative solutions to the current and future global issues.
EHF is a fellowship program which invites people who can solve problems that are on a significant level to humanity. Its aim is to create a positive impact and solve economic, social, environmental and cultural issues. Applicants from diverse backgrounds and stages in their entrepreneur journey are welcomed by EHF. Fellows are accepted every six months into EHF.

EHF is looking for you if you are working towards creating lasting solutions to economic, social and environmental problems.

Application for a Global Impact Visa

After being nominated for acceptance into EHF, an application can be made for a Global Impact Visa by the candidate, in order to live and work in New Zealand, on a three-year open work visa. However, there are certain requirements.

Requirements for Global Impact Visa:

  • The applicant would require an offer letter from EHF.
  • NZ$36,000 maintenance funds are a pre-requisite that will help the applicant to support himself/herself and family for the first year.
  • Health, character and English language requirements have to be fulfilled by the candidate.

Residence for EHF Fellows

New Zealand strives to create wonderful long-term relationships with the fellows who are accepted. The accepted fellows who complete the time period of 30 months in the EHF programme can apply for permanent residence in New Zealand. To apply for permanent residence, the support of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship should be maintained and the individual must be on track to create a positive impact in New Zealand.

Things to Keep in Mind About Global Impact Visa

  • The application for a Global Impact Work Visa can only be made once you have been selected by the Edmund Hillary Fellowship.
  • It is mandatory for the applicant to remain on the Edmund Hillary Fellowship for 30 months before making an application for permanent residence. To be eligible for residence, the support of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship must be maintained.
  • The applicant cannot include a partner or dependent children in the work visa application. However, the dependent spouse or children can apply for a New Zealand visa based on their relationship with the applicant. However, the residence health and character criteria have to be met accordingly.

Need Help in Applying For Global Impact Visa?

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