Visas to Work in New Zealand

If you have the skills that New Zealand requires, there are many visa options that you can avail to come and work here. New Zealand is a country that has an enormous appetite for growth. The Kiwi industrial scene is full of energy and zest for growth. Hence, it’s pretty common that such a growth has to be fuelled by world-class human talent. Every year, thousands of people apply for a job here. You can, too, provided your professional skills are matching with those that are required here.
In order to keep the entire process streamlined and to ensure that there is a steady flow of skills coming into the industries of New Zealand, the immigration department of NZ has crafted two skills shortage lists. They are called long term skills shortage list and the short term skills shortage list. If your professional qualifications match with those in these lists, you may apply for a work visa here.
Temporary work visas are those visas that allow you to work in the country in your selected trade/profession for a fixed period of time. These visas do not give you a right to stay in the country indefinitely and on its expiry, your stay in the country will be deemed unlawful.
Resident work visas allow you to apply for residency in NZ after you have clocked a significant amount of work time here. You can live, study and work once you get the resident status.