Start a Business or Invest in New Zealand

If you have the skills, business acumen, and capital to invest, there are many immigration pathways that you can take to enter the New Zealand business environment.
New Zealand government actively pursues investors, ideators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Owing to the robust economic ambitions of the country, the avenues for innovative business and talented businessmen are many. For attracting the right talent, the government of New Zealand has formulated pre-determined immigration pathways.
These pathways or unique immigration products are designed to support your business venture in the country. They support and sustain your capital and migration in the country. They also allow you to explore New Zealand as a country where you can settle down.
If funds investment in New Zealand is what’s in your mind, New Zealand Investor Visas will provide you with everything you need to get started.
Purchase or establish a new business in New Zealand by applying for New Zealand Entrepreneur Visas. Explore the section to know more.
Do you have a globally proven business track record? Know more about GIV and explore what New Zealand can offer you for your next disruptive business idea.