Medical Issues

If, while applying for a New Zealand visa, the medical assessor is of the opinion that you do not meet the minimum health requirements for visiting the country, your visa application is bound to be put under review or even get rejected. Professional immigration consultants like us can help you get medical waivers if allowed as per law.
Unless you are coming to New Zealand to get high end and acute medical care, you would not be usually allowed to enter the country with medical issues that would put the public healthcare system of the country under undue stress. Please take note that health condition is a vital parameter that would decide the outcome of your visa application.

How is the Assessment Done?

The immigration authorities generally assess your medical condition on the following basis:
  • Does your current medical condition require hospitalization, or would you expect it very soon?
  • Does your health call for residential care.
  • Do you require expensive medicines for your current health condition?
  • Are you disabled and taking care of you while in the country would be expensive for the state?
Another notable element here is that your visa application would still undergo review even if:
  • You have the ability to pay for healthcare and medicines.
  • You have the ability to gain access to private medical care services.
  • You have health insurance.
  • Your family and friends are willing to take care of you.
Getting a medical waiver under such circumstances is subject to many elements. Immigration New Zealand is most likely to consider:
  • The objective of the health requirements and the visa category that you have applied for.
  • The extent of costs that the New Zealand public healthcare system would have to bear in case you are allowed to enter the country.
  • Whether you have immediate family living lawfully in the country?
  • What would be your contributions to the country in case you are granted a visa?
  • How long you intend to stay in the country?

Apart from the information mentioned above, many other things need to be considered for a medical waiver. Such cases involve special directions to be invoked. For that, you would always require the help of expert immigration advisers like us. Book a free consultation with our experts to see what we can do for you.