New Zealand Visitor Visa

New Zealand Visitor visa allows you to undertake a short trip to the country. You can explore, relax, have fun, or just mingle with the friendly locals during your visit. There are some New Zealand tourist visa requirements to be met to qualify.
The INZ (Immigration New Zealand) facilitates the visitor visa NZ offers, so you can come to the country on a short trip for holidaying and being part of the fun side of this amazingly beautiful country. New Zealand has something for everyone – from a safe, healthy, and relaxed lifestyle to the most daring adventures only the bravest would consider taking on.

You Sometimes Need an NZeTA, Not a New Zealand Visitor Visa

There are some cases when you must get an NZeTA (New Zealand electronic Travel Authority), and not the visitor visa NZ provides for. Specifically, you need an NZeTA when you belong to a country New Zealand has visa waiver agreements in place with. Note that INZ will require you to meet the NZeTA eligibility criteria, which are not the same as New Zealand tourist visa requirements.
Even though you belong to a country on the visa waiver list, there are specific conditions that may need you to get the visitor visa NZ tourists from other countries must obtain. Here are a few such situations; you have:
  • Done jail time – you will need to handle it like a Character Issue
  • A serious Medical Issue that may require a Medical Waiver to proceed
  • Been known to participate in serious criminal acts, such as terrorism – INZ is unlikely to approve your New Zealand visitor visa unless you get a Special Direction
  • Faced deportation in any country
  • Plans to stay in New Zealand for a long time (> 6 months for UK residents and > 3 months for other visa waiver countries)

Note that you do not need to get both an NZeTA and a New Zealand visitor visa, you must obtain just one of these. Are you confused about which one to apply for? NZ Migration Help has a lot of experience in helping international visitors get their NZeTA or the visitor visa NZ offers for their trip. Book a consultation and let our immigration experts help you make the right choice.

New Zealand Visitor Visa Duration

You can stay in the country for up to 9-18 months on the visitor visa NZ tourists are provided with. However, you may avail an additional 3 months of stay if you have spent less than 1 year in the country within the last 2 years. Here are the conditions to be eligible for this short term extension:
  • Your travel plan needs additional time
  • The circumstances make it impossible for you to leave before the expiry of your New Zealand visitor visa
  • You have applied for residence first time around
Note that the INZ will deny your 3-month New Zealand visitor visa extension if you have undertaken study, work or have been the beneficiary of any sponsorship during your stay. You must have handled your living expenses without any assistance, and you will be required to remain outside the country for 12 months if you have recently spent a year or more in New Zealand.

If you have any queries associated with New Zealand tourist visa requirements or its extension, feel free to get in touch with our Auckland-based team of immigration experts. We know how to reduce the New Zealand visitor visa processing time, so your extensions are approved quickly. Book a consultation with our licensed immigration advisers to discuss your New Zealand visitor visa needs.

New Zealand Tourist Visa Requirements

First and foremost, you must have enough money to cover the travel and living expenses for yourself and the family accompanying you on the visit. The INZ would also need to see your return ticket dated before the visa expiry.
You are allowed to include your partner and children of less than 19 years age to the visitor visa NZ offers for short term visits.
The INZ allows you to take up studies for 3 months within a 12-month span, but you are not allowed to work on the visitor visa NZ provides for tourists. Make sure you have a multiple-entry New Zealand visitor visa if you wish to cross the border more than once during the validity of your New Zealand tourist visa.
In case you wish to visit some other country after you leave New Zealand, the INZ will need you to meet these criteria; you must have:
  • Obtained authorization from that country for the visit and show documents for the same
  • Procured a ticket for the onward journey or have a sponsor willing to get one for you

New Zealand Visitor Visa Processing Time and Cost

The New Zealand visitor visa processing time can be anywhere from 12 to 30 days. However, if there are immigration issues that make it hard to establish that you meet the New Zealand tourist visa requirements, there may be delays in the process.

We have been helping foreigners come to New Zealand on NZeTAs and New Zealand visitor visas, even in cases where they seemed not to meet the New Zealand tourist visa requirements. We also specialize in New Zealand Group Visitor Visas. Do not let your trip land in jeopardy due to problems in obtaining your visa. Book a consultation and see how we can help you get the visitor visa NZ offers quickly, hassle-free and at the lowest cost possible.