New Zealand Visitor Visa

If you are planning to visit New Zealand for a holiday or catching up with friends & family, you would require a New Zealand visitor visa.

Please note that people from visa waiver countries can visit New Zealand without a visa. However, they must possess an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority). To see whether your country is on the visa waiver countries list, please click here or book a free consultation with us.

Length of Stay on a Visitor Visa

Depending upon your intent and travel plans, New Zealand visitor visa allows a visitor to remain in the country for a maximum duration of 9 months in an 18-month period. If your conditions or situation change in between or you would wish to extend your visit further, it would be wise to seek professional advice from a licensed immigration adviser like us.

What Does a New Zealand Visitor Visa Allow You To Do?

With a visitor visa, you can stay in the country for a maximum period of 9 months in an 18-month period. You are allowed to travel and catch up with your friends and family. You are also allowed to study for up to 3 months under this visa. You can include your partner and dependent children aged 19 or under in your visa application.

Things to Note About New Zealand Visitor Visa

Please note that in order to qualify for a visitor visa, you must demonstrate that you don’t intend to stay permanently in the country and will leave after the duration of the visa is over. You should also provide evidence of funds to support your stay in New Zealand. You must also have return tickets to the country of your origin.
There is a provision to extend your stay in New Zealand to a period of 12 months in a 24-month period by applying for another 3 months’ stay if you need more time to complete your tourist itinerary or if it is not possible for you to leave New Zealand for reasons beyond your control.
However, in order for you to be able to apply for an additional 3 months’ stay, you must have financially supported yourself in the first 9 months of your stay. You should not have worked, studied or been sponsored during your stay.
Another important thing to note is that it is mandatory for you to remain outside New Zealand for a period of 12 months before you can apply for another visitor visa if you’ve recently visited the country for a total of 12 months.

Need Help in Applying For an NZ Visitor Visa?

If you are planning to come over to New Zealand on a visitor visa, you would certainly need help of an expert immigration adviser. Our licensed immigration advisers can help you plan your entire trip without any hassles. Just book a free consultation session with us.