Section 61 Requests

In case your visa is about to expire or has expired, and you are still in New Zealand, Section 61 would be imposed. Section 61, like PPI, creates anxiety in the minds of visa holders.
The fact is that, just like PPI notices, the objective of Section 61 is to make you lawful in the country again and not to deport you.
Please note that requests made under the provisions of Section 61 for getting your visa renewed are not governed by the immigration laws. There are no rights to apply, no lodgement requirements or even a time frame for the same. In short, there are no rules that would ensure the acceptance or rejection of the requests made under Section 61.
Getting a visa under Section 61 request solely depends upon the discretion of the immigration department and the case officer handling it. Grant of visa, if made, will be on the basis of the information and documents that you submit with your request.

How to Make a Section 61 Request?

All Section 61 requests have to be made in writing. It would be best to seek our help in doing so. As we have already mentioned that grant of the visa under a Section 61 request will be on the sole discretion of the immigration officer assigned to your case, therefore, engaging a professional service for your Section 61 request would make complete sense.
There is no scope of error in making a Section 61 request, and we don’t want things turning towards the worst. A Section 61 request typically would have the following information:
  • Your personal details: Name, Date of Birth, and INZ Client Number.
  • Your contact details: Email address, phone number, and postal address.
  • A detailed explanation of the circumstances which have led to you not leaving the country.
  • A detailed explanation of how your staying back in New Zealand would help the country.
  • The category of visa you would like to have now.
Further, you would be required to submit all the supporting documents. It is best to get in touch with us to take your Section 61 request forward. Book a free consultation now and someone from our office will get in touch with you.

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