Section 61 Requests

You somehow could not leave the country before your New Zealand visa expired, and are now facing the prospect of detention or deportation. Getting approval for your Section 61 request is the solution.
Your New Zealand visa is not perpetual – it comes with an expiry date. Do you know where to find it?
  • Check your approved visa
  • Look for the stamp the immigration officer placed on your passport when you entered
Are you confused? Check with an immigration expert, so you are clear on the dates before which, you:
  • Must leave New Zealand;
  • Or get a Section 61 request approval to reinstate your immigration status in the country
Note that Section 61 requests are approved by the INZ (Immigration New Zealand) only in special cases.

Are you privileged to request a Section 61 approval? No, but don’t give up yet. We can help you get the best shot. For many years, NZ Migration Help has been serving its international clients to stay compliant with their New Zealand visa status. We know the ins and outs of the Section 61 request, which is probably your best way of getting out of becoming illegal if you have stayed longer in the country than your visa allows. Book a consultation today.

Overstayed Your Visa? Here Is What You May Have to Face:

There are no two ways about it. If you fail to leave New Zealand before the expiration of your visa, you will be illegally present, and the results can be:
  • Not able to study or work
  • Pay for your healthcare costs even if you were on a government-approved program before
  • Risk of a total ban from entering again if you overstay by more than 42 days
  • A real threat of detention or deportation
Note that anyone found guilty of helping you stay in the country is also jeopardising their immigration status.

The Section 61 Request Process

Can you make a personal appearance? No, INZ only accepts Section 61 requests in written forms. Here is what you need to include in your Section 61 request:
  • Copy of your personal information from your passport
  • Identification and contact information on file with the INZ; this includes your client number, DOB, full name, mailing address, phone number, email, etc
  • An account of why you could not leave the country in time, including any contributing commitments towards work and/or family
  • Why is it beneficial for New Zealand to consider lengthening of stay in case you are looking for a longer than normal extension?
  • Kind of visa and duration you seek
Note that INZ does not need you to make any payment while making your Section 61 request – the requisite dues will be collected once your application is approved.

INZ Section 61 Request Handling Process

INZ does not handle Section 61 requests in the same manner as other immigration and visa applications.
Sections 61 requests are assigned to senior immigration officers stationed at the Manukau office, who use their discretionary powers to settle the case.
Note that the adjudicating officer does not have to:
  • Explain the decision
  • Request any further clarification known to them for deciding the case
  • Issue you the kind and duration of the visa you have requested
  • Grant you a different New Zealand visa even if you meet the criteria

INZ Rejected Your Section 61 Request, Now What?

A Section 61 request rejection may mean the end of the road for you. You must leave New Zealand immediately after you know of your application rejection as you become illegal right when the verdict is made official.
You cannot make any appeals to reverse your Section 61 decision. You may choose to request a judicial review by the High Court. However, they will not do more than considering the INZ process. Note that your circumstances that led to your overstay will not be looked at by the High Court.

As you can now well see, a Section 61 request is your last chance to reinstate your immigration status if you have overstayed your visa. Do not jeopardise your New Zealand dream. Work with the best. Our Auckland based team of immigration experts has an excellent success rate with Section 61 requests. Book your consultation with our licensed immigration consultants to see how we can help you at the best prices and get you a quick decision.