Post-Study Work Visa

If you have completed a course from New Zealand that gives you an acceptable qualification, you can apply for a post-study work visa. Duration of post-study work visa is 1, 2 or 3 years depending upon the level of your qualification and the institute from where you have done your course.
A post-study work visa allows you to work for any employer, anywhere in New Zealand. It can act as a pathway to residency and beyond.

What Does a Post-Study Work Visa Allow You To Do?

With a post-study work visa, you are free to work for any New Zealand based employer and in any occupation. You are also free to work in any location within the country you like. Your partner can also apply for a work visa, and if you have dependent children, they can study free of cost as domestic students.
Since you are free to work in any occupation, working in a skill shortage list profession or trade can provide you with a clear pathway for getting a resident status.

Acceptable Qualifications for a Post-Study Work Visa

For a qualification to be considered for the grant of a Post-Study Work Visa, it should be necessarily pursued from New Zealand. The qualification should be Level 4 or higher as per NZQF. Level 4 means you have completed a certificate-level course from New Zealand. The following additional points must be noted concerning Level 4 qualification.
  • The course has to be of 60 weeks or more.
  • This duration can be divided into two courses that you took each of 30 weeks.
  • The level of the last qualification has to be higher than the last one.
* The above points apply to Level 5 & 6 also.
For level 7 qualification or higher, your course should have lasted 30 weeks or more to be considered for a Post-Study Work Visa. Please note that ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages course) is not acceptable for the grant of a Post-Study Work Visa.

Staying Longer in New Zealand

If you wish to stay longer in New Zealand, you can apply for another Post-Study Work Visa. For that, you have to complete another higher level qualification. Essentially, the course should be of 30 weeks or more, should be of bachelor or PG qualification and should be of a higher level than your previous course for which you were granted a Post-Study Work Visa.

Need Help in Applying For a Post-Study Work Visa?

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