Post-Study Work Visa

A post study work visa allows you to gain some actual on the job experience in New Zealand after you finish your education in the country. You will be able to work in any job anywhere in the country if you meet the post study work visa requirements
Why would you want to stop at finishing your studies in the country and leave? Take your professional journey one step further and gain some real on the job experience in New Zealand working conditions where you get to rub shoulders with the best. Apply for post study work visa and get a chance to work in the country in any role for one to three years after completing your education.

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Post Study Work Visa Requirements

Apart from meeting the general INZ (Immigration New Zealand) requirements of being free from Medical Issues and Character Issues, here are the specific post study work visa requirements you must meet for this category:

  • Your qualification (and the school you acquired it from) must be acceptable to the INZ
  • NZQF (New Zealand Qualifications Framework) must rate your qualification at level 4 or above
  • Qualifications higher than level 7 will be accepted if the course ran for 30 weeks or longer
  • You may meet the requirements of the post study work visa New Zealand offers if you have gained two 4 to 6 level qualifications by studying each for at least 30 weeks, with the 2nd of a level higher than the 1st.
  • You must have taken up English as part of your studies. ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and other such programs will not help you meet post study work visa requirements.
In general, you cannot apply for post study work visa more than once, other than the situation where you obtain another bachelor’s degree or higher education.

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Post Study Work Visa Processing Time and Cost

It takes the INZ 50 days or so to process the visa application after you apply for post study work visa. The factors that may lead to delays or rejections can vary from your school’s reputation, the location you got your qualification from and your personal situation (such as any complicating Immigration Issues).

Our immigration team is dedicated to getting your approvals soon after you apply for post study work visa at the best rates. We study every case carefully and prepare the visa application to avoid delays and rejections. We know what it takes to cut down on post study work visa processing times and rework that leads to increased costs. You can count on us to get your New Zealand visa approvals quickly and cost-effectively. Book a consultation to discuss your case with our immigration experts.