Working Holiday Visa

Immigration New Zealand offers a working holiday scheme for citizens of select countries. This scheme allows you to come, travel, and work here in New Zealand.
Your primary intent with availing this visa should be exploration of New Zealand with work being a secondary intent. Please remember that this visa is for you to explore the country holistically and support your expenses while you are here.

Eligibility and Criteria

If you are aged between 18- 30 or 18-35 in some cases, you are eligible to apply for this visa. You can explore New Zealand and work here for 12 months or 23 months in case you are from Canada or the UK. In case you are applying for a 23-month visa, you are required to submit a general medical certificate. You should also have enough money for a return ticket, and you should focus your energies on holidaying more than work.

To know about working holiday scheme for your country, visit Immigration New Zealand website by clicking here.

Why Should One Apply For It?

Working holiday visa is for the youth. It gives an opportunity to explore New Zealand holistically. If your country is listed for the working holiday visa arrangement, you get a chance to come to New Zealand and feel its soul. You can roam around the entire length and breadth of the country, experience its culture and way of life. You are also free to explore the job markets, although you will have limited access to work opportunities. Still, it would be enough to provide you with subsistence minimum and explore the work-culture here. It’s like having a preview of life in New Zealand.

Need Help in Applying For Working Holiday Visa?

If your country is listed for the working holiday visa scheme, give us a call. We will help you with the documentation, application process, and other stuff that you would require to move in here.