Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI)

In case you have applied for a temporary or residence visa recently and received a notice seeking further information from the immigration department, then, the information furnished by you in the visa application is deemed to fall under potentially prejudicial information.
In simpler terms, the immigration department needs more information and correct information about you. Failure to provide the same would result in the rejection of your visa application.
Before the immigration department rejects your application, they seek clarification on the wrong information furnished. They do so by issuing a PPI letter. Now this very word PPI causes distress and anxiety in the minds of the visa applicants, where the fact is that it is a sign that the immigration department is actually working with you to make your visa application a success.
A PPI letter deals with a specific set of concerns. You might be asked to provide additional evidence establishing the genuineness of the documents submitted by you, there might be concerns about your employer being able to sustain your employment, there might be concerns about your health and even character. All of these concerns can be taken care of easily if dealt with by a professional immigration adviser.

What Should You Do As A Visa Applicant?

Section 58 of the Immigration Act 2009 makes it very clear that it is the duty of the visa applicant to provide a response to a PPI notice by stating every information correctly. It is not the obligation of the immigration officer to chase after every piece of information asked.
Please be aware that providing false information against a PPI letter will certainly get your visa application rejected. It makes sense to hire the services of a professional immigration adviser to take care of your PPI responses.

Be Specific

The immigration law makes it pretty clear that it’s the obligation of the visa applicant to be proactive once a PPI notice has been issued. There is no point in being lax or lazy here. Any laxity here will certainly get your visa application rejected. Be very specific while responding to the information sought in the notice. No beating around the bush will be the best policy here. Provide proper evidence for the information sought by the department.

Legal Clauses

This is something for which you would need the help of a professional immigration adviser like us for sure. PPI responses need specific legal sections to be quoted, which we are sure you would have no idea about. Hence, it would be best to let the professionals handle the situation.

Supporting Evidence

Think a hundred times before providing supporting evidence. There is no point in submitting a series of documents if they do not clarify your situation in front of the case officer. Seek professional help while shortlisting the evidence. It should be very specific and should make your stance crystal clear in front of the case officer and should not confuse him/her further.

Requesting an Extension

In most cases, the time frame provided by the immigration department to put in a PPI response is sufficient. However, under certain circumstances, you might need some additional time to arrange the information sought. In this case, we always recommended requesting an extension from your case officer well in advance. There is no point waiting till the last minute and irritating your case officer. Remember, the onus of pursuing your case is on you and not on the case officer.

Offshore Applications

Please remember that in case you are applying from outside New Zealand, you have to be doubly cautious while making your application. The immigration department will not issue any PPI letter to you; they would out rightly reject your application. Hence, it becomes vital that you submit all the information correctly. In such cases, it is always better to apply through a licensed immigration adviser like us.

Need Any Help in Connection With Potentially Prejudicial Information?

Please feel free to get in touch with us for PPI responses. Our expert advisers will surely help sort things out. Book a free consultation now.