New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa

The permanent residency NZ provides for allows you to make this country your permanent home. New Zealand offers one the most peaceful, healthy, and family-oriented lifestyles in the world, along with ample opportunities for business and work.
New Zealand permanent residency is your ticket to grabbing the chance to become a lifelong part of the happening, fun and adventure environment of the country.

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Advantages of the Permanent Resident Visa NZ Provides For

There are many advantages to having a New Zealand permanent resident visa. Here is a glimpse of the perks you can expect to enjoy when you get New Zealand permanent residency.
  • No limits on your study and work
  • Access to the country’s extraordinary (and subsidized) public health and education infrastructure
  • No limits on your entry to New Zealand
  • Opportunity to get the permanent residency NZ provides for your partner and dependent children (less than 24 years of age) by including them in your New Zealand permanent resident visa application
  • The chance to sponsor your family members for residence
  • Prospect of becoming a New Zealand citizen after spending enough time in the country

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Qualifying for the Permanent Resident Visa NZ Offers

The INZ (Immigration New Zealand) looks at a lot of aspects in your application for the permanent resident visa NZ provides for. Here are some of the qualification criteria you will need to meet to become eligible for New Zealand permanent residency, you must:
  • Have met all the conditions of the New Zealand resident visa
  • Provide an acceptable proof of Identity
  • Show that you meet INZ’s definition of good character – you will be asked to produce police certificates. Get a Character Waiver if you have Character Issues
  • Have lived in the country for at least 24 months on a valid resident visa (not expired in the past 3 months) and met all the conditions of your stay
  • Convince the INZ that you have good intentions of settling here forever. One of the things INZ will look for is continuity of stay (specifically, you must have spent at least 184 days every year for the last two years)
If you were not the primary applicant in the original residency application, you cannot apply for the permanent resident visa NZ offers before the principal applicant, unless your case warrants an exception.

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New Zealand Permanent Residency for Non-Principal Applicants

Did you get your residence by virtue of being included as a parent, child, or partner of someone who applied for residency? Under normal circumstances, INZ will not allow you to move your New Zealand permanent residency application before the primary applicant.

However, there are exceptions to this rule, which only a skilled immigration expert can help you match up with. We can help you find a way to get the permanent residency NZ immigrants so look forward to, even if you are a non-principal applicant and applying before the primary resident. Our immense experience and expertise in succeeding in the most complicated New Zealand permanent resident visa scenarios are at your disposal. Book a consultation and discuss your situation with our immigration experts.

New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa Processing Time and Cost

In most cases, the INZ decides New Zealand permanent residency applications in 15-30 days. However, the process is marred with delays and rejections. Most of these result from incomplete or incorrect representations to get the permanent resident visa NZ immigrants love.

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