New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa

If you are presently a resident visa holder and have been so for two years or more, you can apply for a permanent resident visa. All you have to do is show a commitment to live in New Zealand.
Once this visa is granted, you can live and work in New Zealand indefinitely, and all the travel conditions that applied to you as a resident visa holder will no longer apply. Getting a New Zealand permanent residency has many additional benefits. You and your family can enjoy publicly funded services. That means you get the same level of privileges to education, healthcare, and other services as do the New Zealand citizens.

Length of Stay on New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa

The moment you are granted New Zealand permanent residency, your stay becomes indefinite. That means you can live in New Zealand forever. If your family and dependent children are also granted a PR along with you, they can also stay with you in the country indefinitely.

What Does a New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa Allow You To Do?

As a permanent resident, you can live, work, and study in New Zealand. You can stay in the country as long as you like and can travel internationally without any travel conditions. If your partner and dependent children aged 24 or under were included in your original residence application, they can be included for permanent residency too. You and your family can enjoy all the publicly funded services once granted permanent residency status.

Things to Note About New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa

The below mentioned points should be duly noted by a person planning to apply for a New Zealand Permanent Visa.
  • While planning to travel, be sure that your permanent resident visa in a valid passport. For this, you may have to apply for a visa transfer to a new passport.
  • Non-principal applicants like your partner or valid dependent children can’t apply for permanent residence until the principal applicant does. This rule does not apply if a non-principal exception is applicable.
  • In case, for some reason, you are not able to get a PR due to issues at Immigration New Zealand’s end, you would be offered another resident visa or a variation in your existing visa.
  • If you have been directly affected by Christchurch 2019 terror attack, you and your family can apply for a PR. The process for the same is different and you can contact us to know more about it.

Need Help in Applying For New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa?

From being a resident to a permanent resident is a significant event. It’s one of the crucial steps of your pathway towards citizenship. We can help you meet the all the requirements for the same. Just¬†book a free consultation¬†session with us to know more.