Dependent Child Student Visa

Dependent children of a certain class of work visa holders and student visa holders are eligible for Dependent Child Student Visa. Basically, this visa allows your dependent children to continue their education in New Zealand schools.
In most of the cases, the children will be considered as domestic students, and you would not be paying any fees for their education.
Please note that this arrangement is for students who are in primary or secondary levels of school education. For the tertiary level of education, the students have to opt for a fee-paying student visa.

Length of Stay and Age Range

The length of stay for a dependent child student visa is the same as the parent’s work visa. For example, if your work visa allows you to stay in the country for three years, your child’s visa duration would also be for three years. Your dependent child has to be 19 years old or under in order to be eligible for this visa.

What Does a Dependent Child Student Visa Allow You To Do?

You can do the following things if you bring your child on a Dependent Child Student Visa:
  • You can educate your dependent child at the school level.
  • Your child will be treated as a domestic student, and you would not be paying any fees at this level for his education.

Things to Note About Dependent Child Student Visa

There are certain points that should be taken note of while planning to apply for this visa. Please note that this visa is only applicable for primary and secondary education, and, that too, if your child in 19 or under. In case your child needs tertiary level education, he/she has to apply for a fee-paying student visa. There are certain instances where your work visa might not support this visa. It would be in your best interest to get in touch with us to know more about it.
In case you are a student visa holder wanting to apply for a dependent child student visa for your kid, you must be here pursuing a Ph.D. course under student exchange scheme, or have a New Zealand aid program scholarship.

Need Help in Applying For a Dependent Child Student Visa?

In case you need more information or assistance about this visa, please book a 100% free consultation session with one of our licensed immigration advisers. We are always here to make things easy for you.