Immigration Appeals

Immigration Appeals are petitions made to the IPT (Immigration and Protection Tribunal) for overturning visa decisions made by the INZ (Immigration New Zealand). You can also challenge deportation proceedings and refugee status changes.
Has the INZ rejected your New Zealand visa application? This is not to be taken lightly, not if you are in the country. Visa rejection may make you illegal in the country immediately, and you can be detained, deported, and even banned from entering the country again if you fail to leave New Zealand quickly.
Make an Immigration Appeal with the IPT to reverse the INZ decision to revive your New Zealand immigration dream.

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IPT Purpose and Composition

IPT is an independent body working under the NZ MoJ (Ministry of Justice). The purpose of the tribunal is to decide appeals made against INZ decisions related to visas and deportations.
The appeals that the IPT is authorized to decide on are:
  • Cases related to Deportation liability
  • Resident visa decisions
  • Change of refugee status or protected status – Also open to the New Zealand citizens
A Judge of a District Court heads the IPT, which has 18 members. Each of the members gets appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the MoJ.

Given that the IPT has the power to overrule the INZ in these cases, this is your golden and last chance to revive your dying immigration hopes. Remember, once you lose the IPT appeal, it means the end of the road. So, do not trust anyone with your Immigration Appeal. Our Auckland based team of immigration wizards have one of the highest success rates in the industry when it comes to winning Immigration Appeals. Be a part of the happy statistic – book a consultation to see how we can help.

The Decision to Make an Immigration Appeal

Once the INZ rejects your visa application or serves you with a DLN (Deportation Liability Notice), you pretty much have two choices:
  • Pack your bags, say your goodbyes, and leave the country, or
  • Fight to the finish and give your New Zealand immigration dream a second chance
Once your New Zealand visa is rejected by the INZ, you have nothing to lose by making an Immigration Appeal. The worst case is losing the appeal, so what? You were anyway going to leave. However, consider the most common reasons for visas getting rejected and see where you stand:
  • You made some minor mistakes in sticking to the visa application instructions
  • You filed under the wrong visa category or failed to clarify certain aspects of your visa application
  • You have some Medical Issues or Character Issues
  • You erred in the application process or missed filling some data, or forgot an attachment
  • You failed to reply to a PPI (Potentially Prejudicial Information) letter satisfactorily or timely
  • There was some other problem in your visa application that you could have easily handled but somehow missed doing it the first time around

None of these or even other factors that may have led to the rejection of your visa mean that the situation cannot be rescued if you are given a second chance. Immigration Appeal is not a simple process, and it takes a trained mind to get the IPT to revise an INZ decision. However, you are in the best hands with us. Our licensed immigration advisers have come out winners in the most complicated immigration situations in the past and can do the same for you. Give your New Zealand immigration dream a new lease of life – book a consultation with our immigration experts.

Making an Immigration Appeal

Immigration Appeals are your golden parachute to pull out of the immigration mess, confined to the cases the IPT has jurisdiction over. No doubt, it is not an easy process and needs a lot of hard work and tact to succeed. However, there is no reason to lose heart if you have the best immigration minds working for you.

In case you are not sure of whether you stand a chance in an Immigration Appeal, we would be more than happy to provide you with a consultation to go over your case and give you our honest advice.

If you have decided to move forward with an Immigration Appeal, note that the IPT takes a couple of months to reach a verdict – the timeline varies based on the nature of appeal and case specifics. We have enough experience with the Immigration Appeals process to know how to elicit a favourable decision in the fastest time possible at the least cost.

Allow us to use our immense experience, knowledge, and skill with Immigration Appeals to resurrect your New Zeland immigration dream. Book a consultation to get started.