Immigration Appeals

Immigration appeals refer to your right to represent your case at the Immigration & Protection Tribunal (IPT). IPT is the epitome body that hears appeals against the notices issued to visa holders by Immigration New Zealand.
It’s a legal body and one can safely presume it to be a court like organization in matters pertaining to immigration in New Zealand.
Making an immigration appeal is a legal process of requesting a review of a decision made by Immigration New Zealand. IPT hears cases pertaining to:
  • Decisions made for residence class visas.
  • Deportation liability.
  • Decisions on cancellation of refugee or protected person status.
IPT is headed by a district court judge appointed by the governor-general on the recommendation of the attorney general. The tribunal has 18 members working as a team.

Time Frame for Decisions

For residence appeals, it would take anything between 3 to 6 months after the immigration appeal has been made in the tribunal. That’s a ballpark time frame for a decision to be made by the tribunal. However, things might vary if your appeal is weak. That’s why we recommend going through a licensed immigration adviser like us for such cases.
For deportation and humanitarian appeals, anything between 2 to 4 months can be taken for a decision to be made. Please remember that these are the time frames when the IPT receives every supporting document in proper formats. Any error on this part will extend the decision timelines for sure.

Appeal Time Limits

  • Breach of Visa Conditions: 28 days after you get deportation notice.
  • Unlawfully in New Zealand: 42 days after becoming unlawful.
  • Judicial Review: 28 days after receipt of notification.
  • Cancellation of Temporary Visa: 28 days after minister’s decision.
  • Decline of Residence Visa: 42 days after notification.
Making an immigration appeal is a complex legal process. You would need to hire immigration experts like us to deal with such a situation. Please feel free to book a free consultation to know how we can help you out.