Special Directions

In matters pertaining to immigration issues, there is a provision of Special Directions in New Zealand. Please note that special directions are not a right that a visa holder or applicant may exercise. It is a special condition which might be imposed by the minister or his/her delegate for your particular case.
No one has a right to ask for a special direction explicitly. Issuing a special direction is the exclusive privilege of New Zealand’s immigration minister or his/her officially appointed executives.
A special direction can be understood as a waiver of the visa conditions. Suppose you have received a PPI notice for any element of your visa application, and the only remedy here is a visa condition waiver. In such a case, securing a special direction is the only way out. Please note that special directions are only made under very rare circumstances.
We would like to remind you again about the fact that a special direction is not your right. It’s a privilege which you might enjoy at the sole discretion of the Immigration Minister. The request for the special directions should be made in writing; it would be best if you get your special directions application drafted professionally by a licensed immigration adviser like us.
It is important to note that this request is not an application for a visa. In case a special direction is issued in your favor, you would be required to follow the proper application procedure after that.

Special Directions May Be Applied Where:

  • You are prohibited from obtaining a visa.
  • You seek an invitation to apply for residence even when an expression of interest for the same has not been submitted by you.
  • You wish to approach the minister directly for a residence class visa.
  • You seek a medical waiver.
  • and in several other situations.

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