Resident Work Visas

Resident work visas permit their holder to live and work in New Zealand indefinitely along with access to most of the publicly funded services. Broadly, there are two modes by which you can earn residence from work.
In case you have a skilled migrant category visa, there is a point-based system that is used to determine your eligibility for residency. Generally, factors like age, work experience, and your qualification are taken into account for assessing your suitability for grant of a resident class visa.
The next option is getting residency through a work visa. Once you have worked for at least 24 months on a work visa, satisfying all the laid down visa conditions, you become eligible to apply for residency.
You should be no older than 55 years to apply for residency in both the scenarios.
If your skills, qualifications, and experience match with those required by New Zealand, and you are aged 55 or under, you may be granted a resident visa under the skilled migrant category. You must also meet health, language, and character requirements.
If you have completed 2 years of work on work to residence visa, you become eligible to apply for resident status under residence from work category.