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New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa

If you own a business, and you an experienced entrepreneur, or a senior manager in a business enterprise, then you are eligible to live in New Zealand under the New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa category. Under this Entrepreneur work Visa NZ category, you can purchase, spend or launch your own business.

Entrepreneurs need work visa in New Zealand

It is important to evidently exhibit the remunerations that New Zealand will offer to your business. When this business has been functioning for 2 years, you can apply for residence.

Buying and investing in a business which is already doing well and has a customer base, there are advantages with the cash flow that can grow, when you start a business from zero, providing that you take over the business that will actually take it to a different level altogether and will be beneficial for New Zealand, (Through new jobs or export capability).

How hard is it to get a New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa?

If you have a long dream to start-up with your entrepreneur missions at a beautiful country like New Zealand, then with the New Zealand entrepreneur visa your business mind can soon reach the neighborhood of endless potentials.

Although if you are having an entrepreneur work visa in New Zealand, you are allowed to move into the country and set up your own business or invest in other potential ones. Within either six months or two years of your stay in the country, you can apply for your residence under the category of the entrepreneur residential program.

In this blog, we are going to discuss more on the New Zealand entrepreneur visa and all the other factors related to it.

Entrepreneur Work Visa New Zealand

The entrepreneur’s work visa for the country New Zealand is fundamentally a three-year work visa, which is further categorized or structured in two essential stages including the:

  • Start-up stage: After your visa application is approved, a 12-month work visa is initially handed over to you. The permit enables you to set-up your own business in the country or even buy some other potential ones.
  • Balance Stage: The authorities will grant your extension to the remaining 24-months of the work visa only when they find your active participation in setting up or establishing your own business.

What are the requirements?

The requirements of an entrepreneur work visa in New Zealand are as follows:

  • The minimum capital investment of yours should be of NZ$ 100,000 which is excluding the working capital.
  • You must have 120 points or above according to the New Zealand entrepreneur visa points calculator which will be discussed later in this blog. The points are primarily rewards for the circumstances which deals with the success of your business and its brand value in the country.
  • You must have a clean and clear business plan.
  • There shouldn’t be a recent history of yours involving bankruptcy, fraud or business failure in that case.
  • English requirements are a must as per the IELTS standards.
  • Your character must be sound enough along with good health with no such severe medical issues.

New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa | Residence and other details

The residence category for the entrepreneurs applying for a visa in New Zealand allows you to reside freely in the country on a perpetual course of time. Although this requires you to have established a business which is of high growth and also an innovative business with the potential of exporting good or the services provided from the country.

The two ways to qualify to acquire your living rights in New Zealand under this policy are:

  • Entrepreneur Residence Category (2-years which requires you to have a business successfully established in the country or even successfully purchasing a company in New Zealand in that case. Along with that you self-employment in your own company should be at least two years. At the same time, your business should significantly benefit the country directly or indirectly.
  • The Entrepreneur Residence Category which is of 6 -months, provides you a faster gateway to have residence rights in the country. However, an investment of 500,000 NZ$ in your business should be involved in this category. Along with it your business/company has to employ three full-time jobs for the citizens or residents of the country.

For both the options you need to have a sound character, good health and a proper knowledge over the language English.

New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa Points Calculator

The points awarded to you directly aid you to support your New Zealand entrepreneur visa application. Gaining these points are only made possible when your business is creating favorable circumstances or other valuable opportunities within the country.

Final Words

Now that you have the proper knowledge of how to apply for a New Zealand entrepreneur visa rest assured your application procedure is going to go hassle-free. Along with that if you are adhering to all the requirements to apply for the visa your entrepreneur dreams in the country is soon going to be a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum capital investment required for a New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa?

The minimum capital investment required is NZ$ 100,000 excluding the working capital.

What are the points required for an Entrepreneur Work Visa New Zealand?

120 points or above according to the New Zealand entrepreneur visa points calculator is the requirement to apply for an Entrepreneur Work Visa.

Is there any English test to clear to apply for an entrepreneur visa at New Zealand?

English requirements are a must as per the IELTS standards.

What are the business opportunities in New Zealand?

You can either set-up your own business with a precise plan or buy an already established company in the country.

Can I apply for a New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa from a consultancy service provider?

There are a lot of trusted Immigration consultants you can ask help from, regarding your entrepreneur visa.

Very professional. They helped me and my wife with all our visa requirements and were very understanding and accommodating around our situation and personal requirements. I highly recommend using them!!

Entrepreneur Visa
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Entrepreneur Visa
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