Entrepreneur Work Visa

Entrepreneur Work Visa is a specially formulated immigration product for those who wish to work in their own business. It allows for initiating and laying down the foundation of a new business, which would prove to have a positive impact on the country’s economy.
Applying for an Entrepreneur Work Visa requires thorough planning on your part. Your business idea and execution plan needs to be crystal clear and explainable in writing. Your intent and business plan should clearly indicate that you wish to come to New Zealand to create employment and a positive impact on the economy of New Zealand.

Two Stages of Entrepreneur Work Visa

  • Start-up Stage: Once your visa application is accepted, you would be granted a 12-month work visa. This visa would grant you a period of 12 months to buy or establish a business in New Zealand.
  • Balance Stage: Once you prove that you have used the previous 12 months wisely and have established a new business, you would be granted the remaining 24 months as allowed by this visa.


There are certain pre-requisites and requirements associated with the Entrepreneur Work Visa. An applicant must adhere to them in order to make his/her visa application a success.
  • The applicant must be willing to invest a minimum of NZ$100,000 as a capital investment.
  • The applicant’s business plan must score a minimum of 120 points on the NZ business evaluation scale.
  • The applicant’s business plan should be complete and very clear.
  • No recent financial fraud or bankruptcy.
  • The applicant must meet health, character, and English language requirements.

Special Things to Note

There are certain avenues wherein if you, as an entrepreneur, would like to venture; it would not attract the minimum capital investment requirement too. If your business plan deals with the internet and communication technology or science and shows huge innovation and export potential, the New Zealand government has the power to waive off your capital requirements.
Additionally, the government would not be able to grant you this visa if you have been declared bankrupt or being involved in financial fraud within the last five years. Also, any sort of business failures within the last five years will also lead to application rejection.

Need Help in Applying For a New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa?

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