How Much Time New Zealand Immigration Takes?

How Much Time New Zealand Immigration Takes?
NZ commands a fairytale position in the pandemic-affected world. The country’s Government has taken the ideal measures to stop the virus spread. Amongst the COVID-19 ravaged world, NZ has suffered minor casualties, the latest death count being 26.
The country has a lot of reasons for you to immigrate to its shores. You can look at some of the compelling reasons in the rest of the article.

NZ Economic and Academic Development

Apart from concentrating on healthcare and enforcing reasonable border restrictions, the country has taken definite measures to fortify its economy. The defiant economy is proof of NZ’s progressive policies.
The country has also taken steps to continue the academic development of its student population. Due to the pandemic, several students were stranded inside the country without the institutions functioning. On the other hand, several international students pursuing their education were stalled outside the country.
Hence, if you are a person who is seeking favorable opportunities on foreign lands which is virtually secure against COVID, have a robust economy, and offer excellent academic possibilities, you can immigrate to New Zealand.

Know how much time New Zealand immigration takes?

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We will shed considerable light on the procedure regarding migration to New Zealand and the associated processing time.

Information Regarding Visa Applicants for New Zealand

NZ has taken massive action to keep its indigenous population secure against viral transmission. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has consistently stated that the countrymen’s health and security remain their primary concerns. Hence, border restrictions are still imposed. With the news of the latest UK variant of the virus, the border restrictions are yet to be eased in the recent future.
But there are various exemptions to these border restrictions. Exemptions also apply for the people trying to fly in from Australia and a host of multiple Pacific nations. The country has tried to keep its indigenous professional, industrial and academic environment shock-proof against external disturbances, mainly incited due to the pandemic.
Still, the border exemption criteria are quite tricky to navigate. Offshore visa processing was suspended until February 8th, 2021. Apart from the NZ citizens and expats living in the country, the Immigration Department hardly grants visas for people requesting entry.

What Is the Visa Processing Time According To Immigration New Zealand?

Once you have lodged a visa application, the entire time that goes behind processing it by the Immigration Department of New Zealand is known as the visa processing time.
Usually, the work and student visas take a month or a couple to get processed. But the Essential Skills Work Visa takes a much shorter processing period. It might even be processed within a couple of days to your utmost surprise!
In contrast, the residency application through the skilled migrant category might take more than 14 months to get processed correctly.
Before applying for a visa, you should check your status online and ensure that you are eligible for the NZ entry requirements.

Typical Visa Processing Times for NZ Immigration

Below, we have listed the typical visa processing times for you to understand how much time New Zealand immigration takes.
Makes sense?
Let’s take a look.
  • The NZ Visitor visa processing has a 90% completion rate of 5 months, though 50% of the applications are processed within 64 days.
  • For international students willing to study in NZ, the visa processing times often vary depending on the institution they apply to.
    • For universities, 90% of the processing is completed within 57 days, whereas it is 31 days for schools.
    • For ITPs, 90% of the visa processing is done in 62 days, whereas for PTEs, it is 75 days.
  • For Work visas, the processing times vary. With the recent announcements by the INZ, it is expected to take a little more time than expected.
    • 50% of the Essential Skills Work Visa applications have been completed within 22 days, whereas 90% of the processing is done in 59 days.
    • Both Partner of a Student and Partner of a Worker visa takes around three months to undergo 90% processing completion.
    • A Post-Study Work Visa takes the least time. Ten days to 35 days is the average processing time for the same.
  • Residence visas take the most extended time for processing.
    • 90% of applications for a Permanent Residency Visa get completed within 69 days, whereas obtaining the Partner of a New Zealander visa takes nearly 13 months.
    • The Skilled Migrant Category of work visas where you apply for residency takes the longest time to get processed. The usual turnaround time for 50% of the applications to get processed in 20 months, whereas 90% of those get processed within 22 months.
    • Transfer of a visa to a new passport takes a couple of days to a week at max.
Now that we have more or less given you an idea about NZ Immigration and how much time it takes, you should embrace the opportunities on your path and make the most out of them. You can also consult with our credible Immigration Advisers Auckland and clear any doubts you are having.