Essential Skills Work Visa

If you have the skills and qualifications that can land you up in a job in New Zealand, and you have a full-time job offer in a profession whose skills are needed here, you can apply for a temporary work visa (Essential Skills Work Visa) to work here.
This visa is not free from the implications of the labor market test. What that means is your employer must check whether local residents or citizens can fill the job position that is vacant with them before it’s been offered to you. Once this visa is granted to you, you can support the visa applications of your partner and dependent children.

For How Long Can One Stay in NZ on Essential Skills Work Visa?

How long you can stay on essential skills visa will depend upon your particular situation. Factors like how long your job contract with the employer is, your employment skill band, whether you are working for a New Zealand accredited employer and what compensation you are offered for your services. All these factors have an impact on how long you can stay. Typically, your visa can allow you to stay and work here any time between 12 months to 5 years. All this, as we mentioned, will vary from case to case. To know about your particular case, we would request you to Book a Consultation session with us. That way, we would be adequately informed about your situation and be in a position to handle your queries properly.

Things to Note About Essential Skills Work Visa

With an essential skills visa, you can work for the employer who has offered you a full-time job. You can study for 3 months for every 12 months you spend here working. You cannot include your partner and dependent children on this visa, but, they can apply for separate visas if they wish to join you.
You cannot work in a self-employed capacity on this visa. For that, there are many visa options available. To know more about them, please feel free to give us a call.

Need Help in Applying For Essential Skills Work Visa?

We welcome your decision to work in New Zealand, and we can help you make your Kiwi dreams come true. Just Book a Consultation session with us. Our expert immigration professionals will assist you in meeting your immigration objectives.