Essential Skills Work Visa New Zealand

Essential Skills Work Visa New Zealand

For every citizen who likes to work in New Zealand, knowing about the Essential Skills Work Visa NZ is the basic step. Right in the year 2017 of 27th July, changes in the Essential Skills Work Visa NZ was announced.
This followed an extensive round of consultation whereas the support changes were also announced along with visa documentation.

Also, changes were made in the essential skills policies on 28th August 2017.
The Essential Skill Changes are made to maintain easy employer access towards temporary migrant workers in case of shortages.

If you have the skills that New Zealand needs on priority, then Essential Skills Visa New Zealand is the thing for you. Primarily this Visa is required for anyone who has been offered a full-time job from a business or institution based out of New Zealand. However, you can only avail this Visa when your professional skill/skills are not available locally for your employer. The objective of the New Zealand government with this category of Visa is quite clear. The country wishes to create a formidable skilled force which can fuel its hunger for growth. They need skills for the overall development of the nation keeping in mind that no citizen gets deprived of employment opportunity. New Zealand as we have mentioned before is an aggressively growing economy. At times the local skill pool is not sufficient to fulfill the demands. Hence migrant workforce is needed to set the things in motion. One way the immigration authorities of the country tackle this issue is by granting the Essential Skills Visa New Zealand.

With essential skills work visa you can work for a maximum tenure of 5 years in the country. There are certain conditions that have to be adhered to both by the applicant as well as the employer in this case. The employer must demonstrate that the skills sought are legal and the employment is acceptable. There are no New Zealand citizens which can currently fulfill the skills in demand. The employer and the applicant both meet the requirements as postulated by the concerned government agencies. This Visa does not allow the dependents, partner or children of the applicant to travel or enter the country with him. For this, the applicant must put forward separate applications for Visa falling under various categories. It is best to seek the advice of our counselors in this matter. You may be refused the entry permission on arrival if you fail to meet the character requirements, your circumstances have changed from the time when you were granted the Visa and if you refuse to get photographed or get your biometrics captured when asked for.

Essential Skills Work Visa NZ Changes You Must Know in 2019

  • Introducing the remuneration bands for accessing the skill level of employment delivered to different Essential Skill Visa candidates.
  • Bringing a period of 3 years for Essential Skill Workers ranging from lower skills to higher ones. After three years, the lower skill workers will have to spend 12 months outside New Zealand before they can be given more

Essential Skills visa to undertake Lower-Skilled Work.

  • Requiring children along with partners of Essential skilled workers in low skill employment to meet the requirement Visa guidelines.
  • Introducing transitional instructions for working visa holders. This will definitely allow the visa workers ad partners of Essential Skills Work Visa NZ to remain in New Zealand if they hold a visa of New Zealand based on their current relationship.
  • Bringing the immigration instructions which can allow the international students who have lower skill employment to continue doing work in New Zealand. This will allow them to continue to work on student-driven visa applications. This can come handy for students who like to work along with study at the same course of time.
  • With the introduction of Visa conditions, it will require visa holders to be paid above the threshold remuneration. For this, they; will have to provide evidence of remuneration payment if wanted by an immigration officer.

Take a look at the frequently asked questions about Essential Skills Work Visa NZ

What are the major changes which are made to Essential Skills Work Visa NZ?

  • The Remuneration will only be applicable while determining the skilled band of visa applicant’s employment. In general, the skilled band comes handy when determining the visa length and whether the Visa holder’s partner or child can apply for visa’s on the sole dependence of relationship.
  • People who have adequate essential skills and have worked in New Zealand for more than three years on lower-skilled employment have a condition. They must spend at least 12 consecutive months outside New Zealand before they can get more Essential Skills Work Visa NZ. However, the 3-year calculation doesn’t come with time spent in New Zealand which you must take into consideration.
  • Family members will not be given visas based on their relationship along with lower-skilled work dependencies.

What is the number of skill bands currently available in New Zealand?

Currently, there are three skill bands which are available in New Zealand. Starting with the lower-skilled comes mid-skilled and lastly higher-skilled.

Also, the remuneration offers and the ANZSCO level of occupation is accessed determining the suitable skill band.

What is the visa condition which applies to each of skill band?

Firstly, the skilled band shows the max visa length and whether your partner can apply for further visa depending on your relationship.

Important note: If the employment contract is lesser than visa duration, the visa will remain valid only until the given employment contract.

When will be the remuneration threshold update?

Every time in the month of November, the remuneration threshold is updated. This is done on the basis of New Zealand’s income data whereas various factors are taken into consideration.

Do the employees need to pay for the market rate?

Yes, if an employee has got Essential Skills Work Visa NZ, the Essential Skills Policy requires an employee to pay for market rates.

What is the essential skills work visa processing time?

The processing time for essential skills visa NZ will depend upon the mode of application. Currently, there are two ways to apply for this particular Visa. Paper Submission and Online Submission. However, on an average in both the cases a time frame of 69 days is expected for the complete process. It is best to seek expert advice from our counselor for more concrete information on the same.

Conclusion: Essential Skills Work Visa NZ Guide

Summing up the entire article, I hope you have got an in-depth knowledge about the Essential Skills Work Visa NZ changes. Each year in the month of November, alteration occurs whereas you will need to track changes if you work in New Zealand. Also, make sure to keep in mind the above essential points every single time.

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Essential Skills Work Visa New Zealand
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Essential Skills Work Visa New Zealand
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