Work Visa Extension NZ Does Not Have To Be A Mammoth Task

Work Visa Extension NZ
If you are working in New Zealand with a work visa and you plan for an extension of work visa. Then this article will guide you with all the steps for the extension of the work visa. Before we move forward let us understand that there is nothing like an extension of work visa in New Zealand. If your work visa is nearing the expiry date then you will have to apply for a new work visa. It is as good as renewing your visa. The time for the process of renewing the visa will be the same.

What are the possibilities for extension of the work visa NZ?

As we have already mentioned above, there is nothing like extending a work visa in New Zealand. Although you can’t extend your work visa, you can apply for a new one. You will have to keep your work visa application ready before the expiry of the current work visa. Which means that you will have to go through the process all over again just like you did for the first time.
Here is what you should do?
  1. You should have your profession listed in the skilled migrant category.
  2. There will be a different process in case of the accredited employer work visa, the proof of documents needs to be submitted for the new visa as mentioned in the application.
  3. The character and health certificates have to be submitted from the authorities based in New Zealand.
  4. If you want your family to accompany you then a new visa should be applied for them as well.
In case the decision of your skilled migrant visa approval is pending when re-applying for it. Then there will be a different set of guidelines to be followed. You will have to approach a licensed immigration advisor to know more about it. Extension of work visa NZ is really simple for those who seek the right assistance.
Things to keep in mind when applying for an extension of work visa NZ.
  1. Approach the Licensed immigration advisor.
  2. Carry all the required papers that you submitted during your work visa application for the first time.
  3. Mention to the adviser for any change in the situation that you have faced.
  4. Provide recent health and character certificates.

How can a licensed immigration advisor help you with the extension of a work visa in New Zealand?

A licensed immigration adviser is committed to making your visa experience hassle-free. As you cannot extend the work visa, the licensed immigration advisor will help you in applying for a new one. Since this time applying for the visa will be time-sensitive and there are chances that you would make mistakes in the application. You have to approach the adviser well in advance before the expiry of your work visa.
The immigration adviser makes the process as simple as possible. Since you have been living and have worked in New Zealand, you might be aware of the documentation that needs to be done. They are similar to the first time you applied for a work visa. This will help the adviser to evaluate your case better. This will also help the adviser to push your application and get it done faster. For the smoothest extension of work visa NZ experience hire the services of a consultant and see the difference yourself.