Has your NZ Work Visa Declined?

Work Visa Declined NZ
This is one sticky situation that you could get in. Despite your best efforts your NZ work visa gets declined. Now work visa NZ declined is the status email that you don’t want to see. Its a big turn off and one loses hopes and morale big time here. As they say, running away from a situation is not the solution but overcoming it is. Thats why we are putting up this article to show you you the right way ahead. Before we embark upon the remedial measures there are certain things that we need to understand first, like what exactly might have led to a declining of work visa.

Probable Reasons For work visa declined NZ

There could be many reasons for the immigration office NZ to decline your work visa. We are citing major causes of work visa NZ decline here.

Failure to apply in the prescribed manner

Visa applications especially work visas for New Zealand is full of documentary procedures and requirements. You need to fill every piece of information as required by the authorities. Mind you this process is quite complex and even a single error can lead to rejection of the application. Making mistakes while you apply yourself is convenient. Thats why we recommend using professional services like ours for the same. A single error can delay your visa process for a long time. Keep that in mind while applying for a work visa NZ.

Missing Information

Another reason for work visa decline NZ is that your application might have been filled in the prescribed manner but falls short on information. Failure to provide information adequately is a sure-shot way of work visa failure. Review your application and check whether you have missed on providing information that was sought.

Visa Selection Mis-Match

This happens quite often. If you are applying for a work visa NZ all by yourself, then there is a possibility that you would have applied for the wrong type of work visa. There are many to opt from and you have to be 100% sure of the suitability of the one you are applying for. If the immigration officials opine that the work visa that you have applied for does not match your qualifications they would eventually decline your work visa. Thats why get your things verified by professional and licensed immigration advisers like us to be sure.

Health & Character Issues

We are sure you would have heard this one. Health and character are elements that the immigration department of New Zealand takes pretty seriously. There is no going around it. If you do not meet the set criterion then your visa will get declined. If this is the scenario with you, then appealing against the decision of the authorities by hiring a licensed immigration adviser is the only remedy here.

Once your work visa NZ has been declined you have two options with you. Either you give up and remain in your home country, provided you were not here in the first place and second is to appeal against the decision using legal remedies.

The way out!

Prevention is better than cure!, If you hire the services of a professional immigration adviser for your work visa application, then probably you would not land up in this situation, to begin with. However, if you have already got your work visa declined then the legal appeal is the only way out. For that, you have to certainly hire someone that would represent you at the IPT. That someone will be your licensed immigration adviser. Your adviser can take a look at what went wrong and then put up a solid appeal in front of the tribunal. Most of the time this would sort your issues out.
It would be in your best interest to engage the services of professionals like us as soon as you feel trouble is brewing up. The longer you wait, the harder the situation will become. Needless to mention that you would be investing more time and money in resolving this issue than required. To know more feel free to get in touch with us now.