How to extend Visitor Visa New Zealand?

visitor visa extension nz
If you want to extend your current visitor visa in New Zealand it is possible by applying for a visitor visa extension NZ. For this purpose, there are some guidelines that have to be followed. The application for extending the visitor visa New Zealand must be made in advance before the expiry date of the current visa. Before you read further, keep in mind that once the date of your current visa expires then you cannot apply to extend visitor visa NZ. Hence planning for the same has to be done beforehand.

How to apply for visitor visa extension NZ?

As mentioned, the visitor visa extension NZ application process must be started much before the expiry of the current visa is important. If you fail in doing so then you have to apply for a fresh visitor visa. If you travel to New Zealand with the visa waiver scheme, then a separate procedure has the followed for the extension.
The criteria to apply for the extension of visitor visa NZ are:
  1. The purpose of travel should be tourism and if you are not able to cover all the places to explore within 3 months.
  2. Seeking the extension of visa under a special category that allows you to extend your stay in New Zealand.
  3. Flying back to your country is not possible for reasons which are not in control.
  4. The resident visa has been applied and the result will be known only after the expiry of your current visitor visa NZ.

Taking the help of a licensed Immigration Adviser

It is important to know that timing of the visa application is of the essence here. You have to apply for the visa extension before the visa expires. Now let us imagine you are not planning to extend your stay in New Zealand and within a week your visa will expire. All of a sudden, the situation demands you to stay in the country for some more time.
What will you do now?
Head straight to the immigration office, collect all the statistics required for the visitor visa extension NZ, and begin the process of application. Now there are high chances that you will make mistakes while applying which could hamper your application process.
There is a small difference between applying for a fresh visa and applying to extend visitor visa NZ. The rules for applying a fresh visitor visa are pretty much the same as that of applying for an extension of a visitor visa. This means that the paperwork to be done is a lot and it is necessary for you to submit the proofs to support the application. If you are thinking of hiring a licensed immigration advisor then it is the perfect thing to do and will help.

How can a licensed immigration adviser lend the services for visitor visa extension?

  1. They are the persons who have the authority to tackle immigration matters legally.
  2. Approaching the licensed immigration advisor in due time increases the chances of issuing a visa to 90%.
  3. The application process for the extension of your visitor visa will be hassle-free.
  4. You will be represented by the licensed immigration advisor at the tribunal if there is any sort of problem.
  5. Finding an immigration advisor who does charge enormous amounts of money and should provide benefits.
Again, we are putting more emphasis on the timing of the visa application. You should not wait till the last minute to submit your visitor visa extension. These processes need to be completed in due time and quick action is needed. You should approach the immigration advisor as soon as you get to that your visitor visa will be expiring in some time. By doing this the chances of your visa approval will increase. In case you need to know more about visitor visa extension New Zealand, or even if it is of high importance for you. Then you should hire the services of the licensed immigration advisor.
You can also apply for the visitor visa online which is much faster and is cheaper than applying with a paper application form. Also, when you submit your application online, the visa will be issued electronically so that you don’t have to send the passport. But you will be required to hold a credit card to make the payment and any other supporting Id proof, such as a copy of the passport which should be sent as an electronic file.