The Green List New Zealand

The Green List New Zealand
The Green List is a list of jobs in high demand in New Zealand. An employer can do the job check for this position without presenting evidence of advertising as long as the required standards for the function at least match those on the list
The Green List also provides a fast track to residency and a work-to-residence procedure. More information about these residence pathways will be available shortly.
Unless otherwise noted, all qualifications listed as prerequisites are based on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).
The following jobs are among those on the Green List:

Occupations that have a fast track to residence

Here are the occupations that currently have a fast track to residence:

Construction Roles:

Engineering Roles:

  • Chemical Engineer ANZSCO 233111
  • Materials Engineer ANZSCO 233112
  • Civil Engineer ANZSCO 233211
  • Geotechnical Engineer ANZSCO 233212
  • Structural Engineer ANZSCO 233214
  • Electrical Engineer ANZSCO 233311
  • Electronics Engineer ANZSCO 233411
  • Environmental Engineer ANZSCO 233915
  • Industrial Engineer ANZSCO 233511
  • Mechanical Engineer ANZSCO 233512
  • Production or Plant Engineer ANZSCO 233513
  • Engineering Professionals nec ANZSCO 233999

Health & Social Services Roles:

  • General practitioner ANZSCO 253111
  • Anesthetist ANZSCO 253211
  • Psychiatrist ANZSCO 253411
  • Specialist physicians nec ANZSCO 253399
  • Surgeon (General) ANZSCO 253511
  • Cardiothoracic surgeon ANZSCO 253512
  • Neurosurgeon ANZSCO 253513
  • Orthopedic surgeon ANZSCO 253514
  • Vascular surgeon ANZSCO 253521
  • Urologist ANZSCO 253518
  • Otorhinolaryngologist ANZSCO 253515
  • Dermatologist ANZSCO 253911
  • Obstetrician and gynecologist ANZSCO 253913
  • Ophthalmologist ANZSCO 253914
  • Diagnostic and interventional radiologist ANZSCO 253917
  • Radiation oncologist ANZSCO 253918
  • Resident medical officer ANZSCO 253112
  • Medical laboratory scientist ANZSCO 234611
  • Clinical psychologist ANZSCO 272311
  • Educational psychologist ANZSCO 272312
  • Organizational psychologist ANZSCO 272313
  • Psychotherapist ANZSCO 272314
  • Psychologists nec ANZSCO 272399
  • Physicist (medical) ANZSCO 234914
  • Orthoptist ANZSCO 251412
  • Veterinarian ANZSCO 234711

Primary Industries And Science Roles:

  • Other spatial scientist ANZSCO 232214
  • Environmental research scientist ANZSCO 234313
  • Food technologist ANZSCO 234212

ICT, Electronics And Telecommunications Roles:

  • Chief information officer ANZSCO 135111
  • ICT project manager ANZSCO 135112
  • ICT managers nec ANZSCO 135199
  • Software engineer ANZSCO 261313
  • ICT security specialist ANZSCO 262112
  • Multimedia specialist ANZSCO 26121

Occupations that ae Eligible For Work To Residence

Here are the occupations that make one eligible for work to residence once two years of regular employment are completed.

Health and Social Services

  • Anesthetic technician ANZSCO 311211
  • Medical diagnostic (medical imaging technologist) ANZSCO 251211
  • Medical laboratory technician ANZSCO 311213
  • Medical radiation therapist ANZSCO 251212
  • Occupational therapist ANZSCO 252411
  • Sonographer ANZSCO 251214
  • Podiatrist ANZSCO 252611
  • Audiologist ANZSCO 252711
  • Registered nurse (aged care) ANZSCO 254412
  • Registered nurse (child and family health) ANZSCO 254413
  • Registered nurse (community health) ANZSCO 254414
  • Registered nurse (critical care and emergency) ANZSCO 254415
  • Registered nurse (developmental disability) ANZSCO 254416
  • Registered nurse (disability and rehabilitation) ANZSCO 254417
  • Registered nurse (medical) ANZSCO 254418
  • Registered nurse (medical practice) ANZSCO 254421
  • Registered nurse (mental health) ANZSCO 254422
  • Registered nurse (perioperative) ANZSCO 254423
  • Registered nurse (surgical) ANZSCO 254424
  • Registered nurse (pediatrics) ANZSCO 254425
  • Registered nurses nec ANZSCO 254499
  • Midwife ANZSCO 254111
  • Secondary school teacher ANZSCO 241411

Trades Roles

  • Automotive electrician ANZSCO 321111
  • Diesel motor mechanic (including heavy vehicle inspector) ANZSCO 321212
  • Electrician (general) ANZSCO 341111
  • Plumber (general) ANZSCO 334111

Agriculture Roles

The dairy cattle farmer is a responsible position that requires experience in managing farms. The ideal candidate must have at least 3 years working on commercial dairies and wants to be an assistant farm manager or herd manager too!
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Washington and Sydney Accord Engineering Degrees

The Green List includes all engineering degrees that meet the Washington and Sydney Accord. This means if you have a degree in engineering from a university in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom or the United States of America, you may be eligible for registration as a professional engineer in New Zealand. A comprehensive list of Green List occupations is available on the Immigration New Zealand website.


The Green List is a great way to start your New Zealand residency path. If you have the relevant qualifications and experience, you may be eligible for one of the occupations on the list. Talk to our experts by booking a consultation to know more.