Here is what you should know About Student Visa Extension NZ!

Student Visa Extension NZ
Student Visa Extension NZ is perhaps one of the most searched terms online by foreign students studying in New Zealand. The reason it is so, that being a student you are not well versed with the immigration formalities. Being busy with your studies it would also be a bit difficult to dig into the intricacies of visa extension or renewal. If your student visa is about to expire and that’s giving you some sleepless nights, then keep on reading our post. It will certainly help you sleep peacefully.

When do you need to extend/renew your student visa?

Student Visa Extension NZ is required when your present student visa is about to expire or already has expired. Well, if you ask our professional opinion – plan for it ahead. There are certain scenarios where you would require student visa extension, a few of them being, you failing to complete your course, falling sick, and other any other reason that would stop you from completing your course. Anyways the thing to be noticed here is that you were unable to complete your course and would need more time either to complete it or enroll in a new higher level/same level course.

How To Go About It?

If you wish to renew student visa NZ, then the way ahead would depend upon the following:
  • Provider Direct Route – This would apply to you if your educational institute from where you are pursuing your course is registered with provider direct. Herein you can directly approach them for your visa extension/renewal. You can check whether your institute is certified by them by visiting their website.
  • Direct Route: In case your institute is not certified or registered with provider direct, then you may apply for renewal/extension online using the immigration NZ website. You can also complete the process manually by visiting the office or through your licensed immigration adviser.

Other Important Information

We would suggest hiring the services of a licensed immigration adviser for all your student visa extension/renewal needs. Such matters need to be dealt with care as there would be many questions asked. Answers to which have to be provided in writing and in a prescribed format. Any errors could potentially lead to complications, that is something you would not desire. Plan for it ahead and seek professional advice promptly. Also, there are certain elements of information that a student must be aware of. This concerns the current COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on foreign students. Holders of student visa whose visa expiry is due between 2nd April to 9th July 2020 now have their visas extended till 25 September 2020. This is something that should come handy for those planning on student visa extension NZ. The time is to act now. Get in touch with a licensed immigration adviser like us now.