Work Visa Renewal on The Cards: Here is what you should do!

Renew Work Visa NZ
So, here is a situation wherein you have been working in the NZ with an NZ work visa and you need to get it renewed. Now the question comes to one’s mind why would this situation arise and what needs to be done with it. As you know, all the work visas issued by New Zealand are essentially temporary, with some having an option that leads to resident status eventually. Well, this article is not for those who have that option but primarily focused on those who have to get things in shape for themselves.

When to renew work visa NZ?

The obvious answer to this question would be when the existing duration of stay gets over. Truth be told you should be planning for work visa renewal way before the D-Day comes. That is if you intend to work for some more years in New Zealand. The application process will be almost the same as you might have encountered while applying for the first time. Here it is important to know that professional assistance will surely help one sail through the process smoothly. Since it would be a visa renewal you might have to undergo a character check and health assessment. This is done to ascertain your viability for work in the country since it would have been a few years since you were last checked for the same.

What Else Applies?

In case you are waiting for a skilled migrant category resident visa, then a special set of conditions might apply to you. It would be wise on your part to seek professional help to renew work visa NZ. Getting in touch with visa experts like us will help you understand the unseen aspects of work visa renewal NZ and sail through the process smoothly.

What about my partner and/or children?

Since most of the work visas do not allow clubbing of family, hence it is natural that you might have applied for a separate class of visas for them. Since the duration of those visas also matches with work visa NZ, hence it would be wise to plan for the extension of those well in advance. Your immigration adviser would be able to assist you on that part too. If you ask us, both the visa renewal should be done in tandem to avoid any issues at a later stage.

COVID-19 & Work Visa NZ

If you have been out of the country and your work visa expires, then this could be an issue presently. Right now the borders of the country are closed for migrant workers, except for those coming under critical category. If you are a healthcare worker or a medical professional then the closure of visas does not apply to you. There is also an “other critical workers” category. Those who come under this category are also allowed to travel to New Zealand for work. In short, they would be granted visas, and the existing visas even if you are away from New Zealand might get renewed, provided all the conditions are satisfactorily met. However, the criterion here is that your professional skills should be of relevance to the nation under pandemic conditions. As per the official information if your services are of assistance in delivering.
  • Approved major infrastructure projects
  • A government-approved event
  • A government to government commitment.
  • A wider benefit to the NZ economy.

Ideally what should be the approach?

Speaking professionally and practically if you wish to renew work visa NZ promptly and without hassle, then get in touch with your licensed immigration consultant now. Right now the situation is critical and all the government infrastructure and systems are under stress. Wasting time would be fatal for your work visa renewal, this is the time to let the professionals handle the situation for you. Here is what you should do-:
  • Keep all your work-related documents handy.
  • Connect with a licensed immigration adviser like us.
  • Have a virtual one-to-one session with them, explain what you need.
  • Submit all documents and required information.
  • Let the professionals do their work
Time is of the essence here, sooner you start the process, sooner you get things done properly. Get in touch with us now to know more.