NZ Spouse Visa Rejection Cases

NZ Spouse Visa Rejection Cases
If we speak in terms of current scenario, One in Three spouse or partnership visas is getting rejected by the immigration authorities here. It seems as if there is a crackdown going on with this very specific visa category. Maybe the chances of being misused of this visa is now a cause of concern for the immigration authorities.
It’s really alarming that the number of rejected applications have risen from 14% to almost 35% and that too just within a decade. This is something really serious and makes people get worried.
There has been a considerable shift in the way partnership visas are now dealt with. Earlier it was pretty easy to enter the country basis your partnership with a New Zealander, however, now things have changed and the grilling at the embassy has evolved to the next level. More questions are being asked and the process takes more time than ever before. The whole immigration ministry is taking the cautious route to the phenomenon. What makes things more complicated is the lack of transparency. We actually don’t know much that on what basis are the visas being rejected.
One thing we can surely say is that if you want a partnership visa then you have to establish your relationship more strongly than before. Just because you have some pictures together and have a joint account would not hold its water as strongly now. You need to furnish more concrete evidence now. Maybe the reason for this is that some people might have missed the ease of grant of this visa for entry into the country. This would eventually lead to more unproductive people in the country putting in stress on the public welfare system of the country.

One seriously needs the help of a licensed immigration adviser in these cases now. Things like a temporary break up could lead to cancellation of visa. An immigration adviser is trained to handle such situations and when things are so strict it would be really wise to seek professional help, lest you want to encounter some unpleasant experiences.