New Zealand Silver Fern Visa 2019

Silver Fern visa for those budding youngsters who are exceptionally well qualified. This visa allows you to live long-term in the country and also allows you to search for a job.

This Visa is for those who have the professional skills that are required by the country. Having essential skills is a must and the applicant should prove that he is genuinely seeking long-term employment in the country.

Under this Visa, if you are able to find long-term employment, then you are also allowed to apply for residence under the skilled migrant category.

Who can apply for this Visa?

This visa as mentioned earlier for the highly skilled individuals who would like to make New Zealand their new working ground. The applicant’s skill set should match with the skill requirement of the country. The applicant should also be able to demonstrate that the long-term employment is what he/she seeks. In short, this visa category is for those who really want to contribute long-term towards economic development of the country.

With this Visa, you can 

Come to New Zealand to look for employment.
Work for any employer in any occupation in New Zealand.

Visa Conditions : 

Entry Permission:
You must apply for entry permission when you arrive in New Zealand. You can do this by completing an arrival card, which you’ll be given on the way to New Zealand. Please note that you might be denied entry into the country if on arrival it is found that you do not meet the character requirements, your circumstances have changed since you had applied for the visa, you have refused the authorities for a biometric capture of fingerprints or iris scan.

Travel & Funds:
You must have sufficient evidence of funds and travel arrangments to support your stay in the country. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of Visa.

You are allowed to study for 3 months under this category of visa. The overall duration of this Visa is 9 months and is only for individuals within 20-35 years of age. There is a quota allocated to silver fern Visa, only 300 such visas are issued per year. Therefore it is recommended that an applicant should apply as early as possible. This visa quota fills up quite fast.

New Zealand Silver Fern Visa 2019
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