Meeting the Criteria for the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ

Meeting the Criteria for the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ
The COVID-19 pandemic has been absolutely destructive to economies across the world. However, New Zealand has maintained a nearly-fairytale position during the ongoing pandemic by introducing necessary employment reforms, international border restrictions, and immigration policies.
Amongst these, the increase in the minimum wages, sealing off borders entirely except for specific critical reasons, and other essential reforms have sat well with the countrymen.
The NZ government has announced a critical purpose visitor visa for individuals to travel to New Zealand. People can travel to NZ if they have solid and critical reasons to move to NZ. The NZ government describes various criteria for Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ.
  • Identity
  • Health
  • Character
  • Genuine intentions
  • Invitation to apply
  • The critical purpose for visiting New Zealand

1. Identity

Valid identity proof is necessary for applying for a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ. If an applicant is applying for an online visa, they need to submit a single acceptable photograph. In contrast, a paper visa application requires two good photographs along with the application. Secondly, a passport and a certificate of identity should also be furnished upon request.
  • You need to submit a certified passport copy if you wish to apply for a visa using a paper application
  • If your visa application form is processed online, you need to upload a clear scanned and certified copy of your passport for further process.

2. Health

The NZ government ensures that all applicants applying for an NZ visa are physically sound. Hence, all individuals should meet the health requirement while applying for a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ.
  • Chest x-ray
  • Medical Examination
The NZ visa department requires a chest x-ray that a panel physician should approve. It would be best if you informed the physicians about the visa that you are applying for. Panel physicians include radiologists and general practicing doctors who can approve medical examinations and other diagnoses required by NZ visa applications. It should be noted that pregnant women and children below the age of 11 years do not require submitting a chest x-ray unless essential.

3. Character

The NZ government requires a citizen to provide a police clearance certificate as evidence of good character. Different conditions should be fulfilled in order to get a police clearance record or a character certificate.

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Some of the essential information regarding character certificates and other documents:

  • A character certificate is necessary if the adult applicants wish to stay in New Zealand for more than one year.
  • The character certificates are irrespective of any country that you are currently residing in. It is a compulsory requirement that should be submitted before traveling to New Zealand.
  • A police clearance certificate is necessary if you have stayed in any other country for a period of 5 years since you crossed 17 years of age.
  • The applicant’s police clearance certificate should not be six months old when applying for a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa in NZ.

You do not need to submit a character certificate in the following two conditions:

  • If you have provided a certificate with the earlier application form
  • If the certificate was issued in the last two years.

4. Genuine Intentions

For traveling to NZ, the visa candidate should furnish a genuine yet clear intention for visiting NZ. If the government decides that your information and reason for traveling to NZ are authentic, you need to submit various documentations.
  • Documentation to support your visa application.
  • A piece of evidence to support your personal. circumstances
  • All other information that you provided in the previous visa application.
When a person is applying for a temporary New Zealand Visa or an entry permit into the country, the government should be ensured that the candidate has a genuine reason to travel across the country. The NZ government formulates a list of legitimate reasons to ensure the authenticity of the visa applicant.
  • Your stay in New Zealand should only be temporary and not permanent.
  • The purpose of your visit should be lawful and legal.
  • Once you arrive in NZ, the government can fulfill your visa conditions
  • You are not liable to stay in New Zealand if you do not hold a valid visa
  • You are able to move back to your own country after the end of your stay period in New Zealand.
If the reason provided by the applicant does not convince the visa granting authority, they cannot give you an entry permit into NZ.
  • If the reason for visiting NZ is different from the reason that you mentioned in the visa application form.
  • You fail to fulfill all the conditions required for visa processing.
  • You may not leave the country once your stay period is over.

5. Invitation to Apply

You only can travel to New Zealand via a critical purpose visitor visa if the NZ government sends you an invitation to apply for the visa. Unless you receive an invitation, you cannot apply for a Critical Purpose visitor visa. If you are invited to apply for the following visa, you should send across the visa application form within one month of the invitation. Book a consultation with our NZ immigration experts for detailed information on visa invitations from the NZ government.

6. Critical Purpose for Traveling to New Zealand

You should comply with one of the below-mentioned reasons to apply for a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa in New Zealand.
  • You should be a partner or a dependent child of the New Zealand citizens without a relationship-based-visa.
  • Critical workers in other fields.
  • A critical healthcare worker.
  • A student visa holder.
  • Civilized exemption.
Now that you are familiar with the various essential criteria that helps you qualify for a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa in NZ, head to the official portals and start your application and visa processing requests!