Partnership Visa New Zealand

Partnership Visa New Zealand

New Zealand is a land of opportunities and freedom. We have a virtually crime-free society here. Seldom you would hear New Zealand in global news for the wrong reasons. Its a calm and beautiful country. New Zealand is also a robustly growing economy. Everything here is designed to support the growth of the nation. For that, the government of New Zealand ensures that its migrant workers, as well as citizens, are taken great care of. The legal system is perfect. It’s not a wonder, that many foreign nationals want to make New Zealand their home. There are several ways you can make NZ your new home. One of them is the partnership visa NZ. We would be exploring it in detail here today.

What is Partnership Visa NZ anyway?

If your partner is already in New Zealand, or you and your partner are applying for a visa to come to New Zealand together, you may be eligible for a visa based on your partnership.

As the name suggests Partnership Visa NZ is a visa which allows you to enter and live in the country based on your relationship. It means that immigration authorities of New Zealand do admit new people into the country based on their relationship. Immigration NZ does not discriminate people on the basis of their sexual orientation, a partner according to the legal definition in NZ can be of a different gender or the same. The couple should be in a genuine and stable relationship and should also be able to furnish evidence to back it up. As per the existing immigration rules, a legal marriage, a civil union and a defacto relationship all are valid for visa application under partnership visa NZ.

Please note that if one of the partners is a resident or citizen of New Zealand, then that partner in legal terms is called the supporting partner.

The criterion for Application: Partnership Visa NZ

Before applying for a Partnership based visa NZ, make sure that you meet the undermentioned requirements.

  • Both the partners should be 18 or over. 16 or 17 years old should have permission from their parents/legal guardians before applying.
  • Should have known each other much before the application date. You would be asked to furnish evidence for the same.
  • Should not be close relatives.

Other Requirements: Partnership Visa NZ

The essence of this visa is the relationship between two individuals. This the founding base and the applicants should be able to prove their relationship with solid evidence. You the applicants should be able to prove that you have been living together for a fair amount of time before applying for this visa. Living together here means actually living under the same roof. It does not include spending time with each other but not living together, living together only on holidays & any sort of flatmate arrangements.

Partnership Assessment Parameters As Per Public Domain

Following are the parameters which would be used to assess your partnership. The information furnished here is as available on the NZ immigration public domain.

  • how long you’ve been together
  • how long you’ve been living together as a couple
  • your living arrangements
  • whether you support each other financially
  • how you share financial responsibilities
  • how committed you are to a life together
  • whether you own property together and/or share your property
  • any children you have together, including your arrangements for their care
  • whether you share common household tasks
  • whether other people recognize your relationship.

Evidence that you might be required to furnish

As we have mentioned before, for this immigration product you will have to furnish certain elements of evidence to prove your relationship status. Things like marriage invitation cards, proof of joint holding/renting of property, having joint bank accounts, photographs proving your relationship, common social engagements, social media conversations, emails, letters, etc will be required to prove your claims. For some reason, if you have been living apart from your partner, then you would be required to provide with solid reasons along with evidence to back it up.

To know more, we would urge you to seek assistance from one of our immigration executives.

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Partnership Visa New Zealand
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Partnership Visa New Zealand
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