New Zealand Investor Visa

New Zealand Investor Visa

If you are a savvy and smart businessman, then New Zealand is a great venue to launch your next big dream We are always looking for people who can help us in boosting our economy and be our partner in growth. New Zealand investor Visa is one such category of Visa which allows you to explore New Zealand as an investment venue.

New Zealand Investor Visa

If you have a plan to start-up with your entrepreneur dreams in New Zealand, then the New Zealand investor visa is just for you. The introduction of the investor visa is for those who are looking forward to investing in a new business project in the country.

The New Zealand investment immigration program will also make sure that you obtain the rights to be a resident of the nation with the investor visa.

So, if you have made up your mind to invest in New Zealand then there are several options available for the same. Here we are listing some basic information pertaining to New Zealand Investor Visa for your information. We would urge the readers of this information to seek proper legal advice from us before planning any investment related travel into the country.

Basics about the New Zealand Investor Visa

We will further look in details about the types of visas available in the category of New Zealand investor visa and what each of them has in offer.
The two options of the investor visa are:

  • An investor visa where you need to make an initial investment of 1.5 million NZ$ for four years.
  • The other one is known as the Investor plus Visa where you need to make an investment of 10 million NZ$ for three years.

At the same time, you need to keep in mind that with both investor visas you are allowed to:

  • Staying in New Zealand and working in the country.
  • To come along with your partner and any dependent children of your, who is or below 24 years of age.

However, each of the investor visas come with different criteria and options. We will now take a look at the basic two possibilities that exist around the Investor visa.

The Investor visa for New Zealand calls for your investment of at least 1.5 million NZ$ for four years in the country. Applications under this Category 1 of NZ Investor Visa is only possible till you are 65 years of age.

  • Investments are only acceptable when made in New Zealand.
  • The investments should be from a validated source and made through the banking system of the country.

Criteria to fulfill for a New Zealand Investor Visa:

  • The investor visa requires you to demonstrate three years of experience in the business industry of the country. Which means either owning a business in the country or be a part of the senior management team for the company he/she is working.
  • The company or the business also needs to have an annual turnover of at least 1 million NZ$ or at least five full-time employees.
  • Apart from the investment amount you have to keep in mind that you have sufficient funds to support yourself, for this purpose you need to show an additional 1 million NZ$ as security money in your bank account. However, the requirement to transfer the funds to a bank account at New Zealand doesn’t exist.
  • After the expiration of the 12-months provisional visa, you have to transfer the funds to the country. You will be then eligible to apply for a multi-entry visa while doing so.
  • An International English Language Test on a difficulty level 3+ is a must to apply for an investor visa at New Zealand.
  • Normal health conditions and an overall good character certificate is another criteria to meet before applying for an investor visa in the country.
  • Duration of your stay should exceed at least 146 days in New Zealand in the last four years.

A total of 300 investor visas roll out in this category each year. Apply for your investor visas complying with these policies for a hassle-free Visa application process.

Criteria to fulfill for a New Zealand Investor Plus Visa:

  • To apply for an Investor Plus Visa at New Zealand, an investment of at least 10 million NZ$ for a period of three years is a must. However, there lies no age restriction in this category of investor visa.
  • Although the criteria for the investor plus visa is pretty much the same as of category one investor visa where the investment needs to be on an acceptable format in the country New Zealand only.
  • The investment should come from a validated source through a New Zealand banking system.

Final Words

Now that you have the basic concept about what it takes to apply for a New Zealand investor visa you can turn your long business start-up dreams in the country into a reality. Follow the guidelines or get assistance from a professional Visa consultant if necessary in that case to get your investor visa ready for the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum investment required for an Investor Visa in New Zealand?

An initial investment of 1.5 million NZ$ for four years is required.

What do the Visas offer you?

It offers you to work and stay in the country at the same time.

Which is the Investor Visa with no age barrier?

New Zealand Investor Plus Visa doesn’t hold any age restrictions.

How shall an investment be considered valid?

Investments are only acceptable when made in New Zealand through a validated source.

What is the New Zealand investment immigration program?

It ensures that you have the rights to live in the country along with developing your own business.

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New Zealand Investor Visa
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New Zealand Investor Visa
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