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Adventures of moving to a new place in a country give once in a lifetime experience and one such place is Tauranga in New Zealand.

The city with the highest population in the Bay of Plenty region of the North Island in New Zealand Tauranga is situated in the administrative area of the Tauranga City Council. That has three wards (constituencies)

  • Welcome Bay/Te Papa
  • Pyes Pa /Otumoetai
  • Papamoa /Mount Maunganui

Bay of Plenty Information & advice

There is a good range of information and support services available for newcomers in Bay of plenty, especially in the main cities of Tauranga and Rotorua.

If you want assistance in an immigration case, you should either speak to an experienced lawyer or licensed immigration advisor in the area. There are many licensed advisers in the Bay of Plenty area. You can find them using the online register operated by the Immigration Consultant Authority.

People who give New Zealand Immigration advice should have a valid licensed immigration advisor’s Tauranga, except they are exempted (such as a lawyer). People who are exempted do not appear on this register.

Guide to licensed immigration advisers in Tauranga

If you know anyone providing immigration advice in Tauranga without a license, complain to the Immigration Advisers Authority. In case you provide the information to IAA your immigration status will not be affected. The Immigration Advisers Authority endorses and safeguards the welfares of people taking immigration advice.

Agents who are into Education and are without a license living outside New Zealand may give immigration advice on student visas, but they should have a license if they want to give advice on any other type of visa. Education agents who are living in Tauranga, New Zealand should have a license to provide advice on any type of visa.

Benefits of using a licensed adviser in Tauranga

If you need immigration advice in Tauranga, licensed advisers have specialist expertise. They have complied to the competency standards and follow a professional code of conduct.
The code of conduct requires Immigration advisers in Tauranga to:

  • be respectful, honest and professional
  • provide you with appropriate updates of the process
  • Fees that are charged should be reasonable and fair.

Licensed Immigration consultants in Tauranga should help you:

  • To choose the correct visa by allowing you to explore all possible visa options
  • To make and submit your visa application
  • Settle in Tauranga, New Zealand
  • evaluate if you can submit an application for the declined visa
  • evaluate your possibilities if you are unlawfully in New Zealand.


The risks of getting immigration advice in Tauranga having no licensed or exempt are:

  • Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will not consider applications from unlicensed people acting illegally and your visa application will be returned.
  • People without a license may not necessarily be authentic either with you or INZ. It will be a criminal offense and dishonesty if they lie on your visa application and in turn, may affect your visas in future and also jobs
  • Your application may be denied in case the unlicensed person has no immigration knowledge or skills.

It is better to Stay away from anybody who:

  • does not put their name on your visa application
  • claims to be personally in contact with any member of INZ
  • Requests you to sign a visa application beforehand it is filled. You should not sign any paper you don’t recognize.

According to the Immigration advisers in Tauranga, The fees they charge and the level of service they offer may differ. You may wish to talk to various advisers before you decide which immigration advisor Tauranga best serves your requirements.

Immigration Advisor Tauranga
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    Hi my name is Darren Page myself and my wife have permananent resident visa’s but our travel visa’s have expired we need help to fill them in can you help or tell us where to go to get help . we have been here for over two years and i have been told that we can get unlimited travel hope you can help We await your reply .

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