How To Get PR In New Zealand After Study?

How To Get PR In New Zealand After Study?
New Zealand is the preferred settlement destination for people of most nationalities. It’s a lovely place to live, grow and work. Getting a New Zealand PR is something that every other person craves for. There are very solid reasons for this craving also. Firstly, New Zealand is a growing economy, the focus of people and the government is on growth. With that, the government also does not leave any stone unturned for the welfare of its people. The kind of emphasis that New Zealand puts on work-life balance is unprecedented. No wonder people really try hard for getting a New Zealand PR.

How to Get PR in New Zealand After studies?

There are many ways by which one can get a New Zealand PR. Basically, it’s a points-based system. That means you have to get a minimum number of New Zealand PR points in order to get hold of one. Before we commence on how of things, let’s discuss the why first. Getting a New Zealand PR is as good as having NZ citizenship. The only difference being that PR holders don’t have the right to vote. Other things being the same. What it means, in short, is that holding an NZ PR will give you the benefit of social security and other facilities like access to education and healthcare the same way as citizens do.
This also means that you can live indefinitely in New Zealand and apply for any job anywhere in the country. Your kids and family can stay with you too, provided they meet the certain criterion as set by the immigration NZ. There are many ways by which one can apply for New Zealand PR. They have to meet the New Zealand PR rules but. It would be wise to give us a call to know more about them.

What are the options for a student who has completed his education from New Zealand?

For those who have completed their higher education from New Zealand taking the road to PR is an obvious choice. Whatever the intent may be, one thing is for sure that getting a New Zealand PR is a long process. A good immigration consultant is the only person who can make this journey smoother. For a student who has completed his studies from New Zealand, the first step towards granting of a PR is the 2-year post-study visa. Mark our words, its the first step and not a sure shot way to get the PR. This visa would allow you to hunt for a job and work in the country for 2 years initially. All things being positive during that duration you would get further chance to move forward on your PR journey.

Types of Post Study Work Visa

The post-study work visa is of two types, Post-study work visa (open) & employer-assisted Post Study Visa. Short details of the same are mentioned below:

Post Study Work Visa (open): This visa gives you up to 12 months to get a job in a field that concerns your post-education qualification. While you are looking for a job in your field you are allowed to work in any job to support yourself.

Post Study Work Visa (employer-assisted): This visa lets you stay in New Zealand for a further 2 years. This may be extended to 3 years in certain cases. However, this visa relates to a specific employer and the nature of the job.

How to move forward?

It would be in your best interest to seek our guidance for the same. We are authorized by the immigration NZ to act on your behalf for matters pertaining to PR. Get in touch with us now.