How to Become A New Zealand Citizen?

Whether you live in New Zealand or want to acquire New Zealand Citizenship, the process is a simple one. By demonstrating positive behavior and giving all the necessary documents, you will have no trouble in becoming a New Zealand citizen.

Well, the reasons might be plenty for becoming a New Zealand Citizen. We will not go deep into that section as people have different reasons and purposes.

Being a citizen of New Zealand, you can enjoy tons of benefits whereas you can roam freely anywhere. While returning to New Zealand, you can have access to economic rights along with educational scholarships.

Right here in this article, we will go through some of the most important points which can help you to acquire citizenship of New Zealand, as early as possible.

Vital Point to Consider While Getting the New Zealand Citizenship

For becoming a citizen of New Zealand, there are two routes which can help you achieve the same. First one is Citizenship by Descent while the other one comes out to be Citizenship by Grant.

Both the citizenships are administered by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) and they have the right to accept and reject citizenships.

If you belong to overseas and born in another country, you can qualify for the Citizenship of Descent. But, one of your parents must be a citizen of New Zealand to avail the Citizenship of Descent.

But, in most cases, Citizenship by Grant is the way most people become a citizen of New Zealand. Also, if the children are under 16 years old, the requirement can change and you will have to follow a slightly different procedure.

Citizenship in New Zealand: Citizenship by Grant

For acquiring the citizenship by Grant, you will need to follow the given requirements:


If you are granted the citizenship, you will have to stay in New Zealand, either one or with your family


Before you apply for citizenship in NZ, you must have a record of five years living in New Zealand. Though the criteria were three years, it has been changed to five years.


You must know the English language fluently. In day to day conditions, you must learn to communicate via the English language regardless of the situation.

Good Character

If you have been convicted for frauds, traffic offenses or any other illegal issue, it can have an adverse effect in your application.

Understanding Citizenship of New Zealand

You will need to deeply understand New Zealand Country parameters and abide by the rules once you attain citizenship.

While the Department of Internal Affairs has the right to interview each and every applicant, they can reject any applicant giving a valid reason.

Also, after getting the citizenship, you will have to attend the Citizenship Ceremony on the given date.


If you are planning to get the New Zealand Citizenship, carefully adhere to the above-given points. Go through each of them, see where you don’t fit in, fix those and mistakes and you will acquire citizenship of New Zealand, the very first time of your application submitted.

How to Become A New Zealand Citizen?
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