Get a Visa to Study in New Zealand from Nepal

Visa to Study in New Zealand from Nepal
Nepal has a lot of its students studying abroad – mostly in its neighbouring country of India. However, almost every Nepalese student dreams of going to affluent western countries to experience the lifestyle not available in developing countries.
Nepalese students can be found studying in college campuses at US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other western countries. What then, is so special about studying in New Zealand for someone from Nepal? For starters, the weather in New Zealand is so much like Nepal, so you will not have to adjust to a different climate. Also, it is easier to gain admission to a college in New Zealand compared to the universities in other parts of the western world. Also, most Nepalese citizens are price-sensitive due to their limited income – New Zealand education is one of the most affordable when you compare the fees, living costs and related expenses to the other developed countries.
Now once you have made up your mind about studying in New Zealand, you must educate yourself about the study in New Zealand from Nepal requirements.

What are the study in New Zealand from Nepal requirements?

If you are going to study in New Zealand from Nepal, there are specific requirements you will need to meet before INZ (Immigration New Zealand) extends you a visa to start your education. These conditions vary based on the kind of educational program you are attending, so let us go over the general requirements first.
In general, you will need to present the following for all New Zealand student visas:
  • Proof of identity issued by the Nepalese government
  • Certificate of good health issued by an INZ panelled doctor – a Health Waiver may be needed to address any medical issues
  • Paperwork establishing good character – you will need a character certificate from Nepalese police. You may need to arrange for Character Waivers or Special Directions for Character Issues
  • Documentation to prove that you sincerely intend to meet the requirements of your student visa
  • Letter of Acceptance from an INZ approved educational institute
  • Unless you are exempt, you will need to show funds to cover your tuition fee and living expenses – INZ allows you to use sponsorships and scholarship proofs to establish availability of the required finances. If you chose to take out an education loan, only sanction letters issued by nationalized or multinational banks would be considered.
  • Educational and work experience certificates – if your transcripts are in Nepalese, you will need to provide translated versions along with copies of the originals
This is not the complete list; you may need to meet specific conditions to qualify for the kind of student visa you apply to study in New Zealand from Nepal.

What are the different NZ student visas for people from Nepal?

INZ offers various visa options to cater to different education needs – here is an overview of the most common ones. Remember, each of these has a different duration and imposes its own conditions. Make sure you work with a New Zealand immigration expert to avoid delay or rejection of your student visa.

Fee Paying Student Visa

This is the most commonly sought student visa to pursue full-time education at an education provider approved by the INZ. The length of stay on this student visa is 4 years, and you will be able to work for up to 20 hours when the school is on and full-time during the holidays.

Pathway Student Visa

This is a unique arrangement that lets you stay in New Zealand for up to 5 years while you take up study in 3 consecutive courses, one following another, without having to apply for different student visas for each program. Pathway Student Visa also allows you the same work privileges as the Fee Paying Student Visa.

Exchange Student Visa

If you were studying at some other university in Nepal, or elsewhere and get accepted by an approved student exchange program in New Zealand, you may qualify for an Exchange Student Visa to pursue full time study in the land of the kiwi. The length of stay will be a maximum of 4 years. What makes New Zealand Exchange Student program so attractive is that you will not have to pay any tuition fees since you will be treated similar to a New Zealand domestic student. And you will be able to make some money by working the same hours as a Fee Paying Student Visa holder.

Student and Trainee Work Visa

This visa helps you get practical work experience in New Zealand in order to meet the requirements of the education you may be pursuing in Nepal or elsewhere. The Student and Trainee Work Visa is also geared towards:
  • Medical and dental trainees (for up to 6 months of stay)
  • Students undergoing practical training (limited to 6 months)
  • Religious trainees (with an initial stay period approved for up to 36 months, may be extended later to allow enough time to complete the formal religious training)
  • Apprentice jockeys (for a maximum of 4 years)

Vocational Trainee Student Visa

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade awards New Zealand Short Term Training scholarships, which it funds via the New Zealand scholarships. You may qualify for this student visa if you are accepted into this program. The limit of stay is dictated by the length of the awarded scholarship (maximum 12 months). In this case as well, you will be able to enjoy the same work privileges as a regular fee paying New Zealand student visa holder.
We have covered the most common study in New Zealand from Nepal requirements here that you should be aware of and also discussed the INZ student visa options to cater to different educational needs. We hope you find the information useful as you plan your education in New Zealand.
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