Employer Accreditation

Do you want to supplement your local workforce with migrant workers, and, that too, without going through the Labor Market Test? Becoming an accredited employer is the only solution.

Becoming an accredited employer allows you to:

  • Employ overseas, skilled workers. No need for the Labor Market Test.
  • Support your workers’ pathway to residence.
  • Support work visas of multiple migrant workers while you are accredited.

Things that you should take note of:

Getting your company listed as an accredited employer is a great way to enhance your human resources utilizing migrant workers. However, becoming an accredited employer is not that easy. This is a complex and sensitive matter which is full of legal mandates to be adhered to. Your company and its operations should be in a healthy state of affairs. Everything must be documented appropriately and as per the guidelines of the immigration department.
Every company is different in terms of its operations, policies and objectives. This calls for a custom made solution. To know more, please give us a call. We would be able to assist you with your particular case in a better manner once we interact on a one to one basis.

What would be asked of you?

  • Evidence of Sound Financial Condition: Audited Balance Sheets, Annual Reports, Profit and Loss Statements, etc.
  • Evidence of HR Policies & Processes: You should comply with the highest standards as required by Immigration New Zealand.
  • Evidence of Commitment To Training Locals: You will be required to provide substantial proof of your company committing to training of the local people and residence class visa holders whenever possible.
  • Evidence of Good Workplace Practices: Your company should be completely compliant with the existing rules and guidelines of this domain.
These are just the four broad points about what would be asked of you. In reality, every step is full of legal modalities that have to be met without any error. Seeking professional help will ensure that your application goes through smoothly.

Accredited Employer Application

The entire accredited employer application process is done online on the immigration portal dedicated to it. To know more about how the process works, please book a free consultation with us. We would be glad to make you understand what needs to be done.

Accreditation Renewal

Accreditation renewal must be done before your current accredited employer status expires after 2 years. If you need assistance in getting your accreditation renewed, then please get in touch with our immigration experts now.

Accredited Employers List

Once you get your accredited employer status, your company will be listed on the public domain dedicated for the purpose. This public domain listing is called the accredited employers list and it helps prospective job seekers to verify your accreditation status. You can view the latest accredited employers list here.