For Employers

New Zealand is an aggressively growing economy. Take into consideration any international rating agency; you would find New Zealand ranking pretty high on their scales. Since NZ is growing aggressively, it’s natural that the hardworking people of New Zealand fuel all this growth.
People with passion run their businesses in New Zealand. They have the ideas which they put into action. The level of business planning and execution is to such an extent that, at times, it becomes difficult for New Zealand business concerns to fuel their manpower requirements adequately from the local talent pool. This poses a problem as the lack of human resources can put all business planning in serious jeopardy.
The government of New Zealand duly noted this issue, and it was quick to formulate a remedy to it. The remedy to this issue is called the accredited employer status. This status is for the companies and business of New Zealand who need to hire manpower regularly, and, that too, quickly.
There are many benefits associated with being an accredited employer, and the same will be discussed in detail in this section of the website.
In order to become an accredited employer in New Zealand, you will have to meet certain guidelines as laid down by the immigration department of the country. The immigration department would consult with local unions for your specific case before granting you the accredited employer status.
One of the vital criteria for the grant of accredited employer status is your company’s HR policy and processes. This is something that needs to be handled professionally. To provide you with a complete solution, we have a professional synergy with MyHR, the foremost name in providing turnkey HR solutions to companies in New Zealand.