Extend Working Holiday Visa NZ

Extend Working Holiday Visa NZ
New Zealand is a great place to be, it becomes even better if you are here on a working holiday visa. We are assuming that you are already here on a working holiday visa and you have reached a point where its validity is about to expire. What should you do? In case you wish to get it extended and live here for some more time. It’s not that hard to get an extension. There are clear cut rules and regulations that need to be followed through. Agencies like us can assist to extend working holiday visa NZ.
If you are a citizen of Canada or the UK, and you have been here on a working holiday visa then you may be eligible for an extension. Presently, only these two nationalities are allowed to apply for a working holiday visa NZ extension. For the rest of the countries on the list, things are not so flexible. You can always give us a call to know more in case you are not from Canada or the UK. One thing that we need to be candid about here is the fact that the extension application process is not that complex in itself. However, it still requires a lot of information and documentation to be processed. Thus it will be prudent on one’s part to hire the services of a licensed immigration adviser for getting working holiday extension work visa.
Remember that your current working holiday visa NZ should not have expired and should hold a validity of 12 months. This is vital as any discrepancy in this part will nullify your eligibility for an extension. If you meet these criterion then you may be granted an extension of 11 months provided you meet other conditions perfectly too. Get in touch with us to clarify any doubts you have so far for working holiday extension work visa. Our team will help you get all that is needed for extend working holiday visa NZ.

What are the criteria for working holiday visa NZ extension?

Here is the list of basic requirements that you must satisfy to be eligible for a working holiday visa extension. To know more about them please feel free to connect with us.
  • You should hold a Canadian or a UK passport.
  • You should be present in the country while you plan to apply for an extension.
  • Your present working holiday visa should have a validity of 12 months.
If you don’t meet this criterion you would still be eligible to get a 3-month extension provided you have worked here in seasonal occupation for 3 months.

What would be required of you?

As we mentioned before, there are many documentary formalities to be met. They have to be met in an error-free manner. Here is the list of things that you must adhere to.
  • You will be required your genuine and valid passport along with recent photographs.
  • Provide a certificate of health if demanded by the authorities.
  • A good character certificate if the previous one you provided is older than 24 months.
  • Prove that you have genuine intentions.
  • You will be checked for your present time spent here in NZ.
  • Your current working holiday visa will also be scrutinized.
  • You must submit the proof of seasonal occupation that you engaged in here.
  • You must provide evidence of having return tickets.
  • You have to provide evidence that you have not been granted a working holidaymaker visa extension previously.
There are many other related things that you might be asked to provide. As you can see that the list is long and for a layman submitted or fulfilling or the requirements are bound to have errors. That’s why you should always seek professional help for getting a working holiday visa NZ extension. The benefits are profound here, firstly it eliminates any scope of error while applying. Secondly, if there are some issues on a legal plain then your licensed immigration adviser can help you sort them out.
Hiring an immigration adviser saves you money and time. It also creates a positive image of you in the eyes of the immigration department of New Zealand. Hiring one is also pretty economical. The benefits are so many that words won’t be enough to explain them. That’s why you should give us a call and fix a free online consultation session with us.