Before You Leave

Before You Leave
Immigrating could be interesting and exciting, especially if you are starting something new. A new school, a new job, joining family or some other interesting prospects can be exciting. However, still there are a few things you have to put in place before you arrive at your destination. These things to do will help you to enjoy your stay wherever you are. If you do the things you have to, you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Things to bring with you

Here are some of the important documents you should bring with you on your journey

– Your international passport
– Birth Certificate
– Your marriage Certificate
– Driver’s license or another required license
– Admission letter or letter of job appointment
– Academic qualifications
– Photocopies of other important documents

Things to do before you leave

Also, there are some important things or step you should see that you carry out before you leave. Such things include:

Having your documents intact

The importance of this cannot be overrated as they are very essential. Double check them whenever you are going to leave to ensure that you have all that you need. Your documents will save you from getting into trouble with the authorities. And with an intact document, you get to have a safe sojourn.

Make preparation for where to stay

Before you leave as well, it is important that you have plans for where you will be staying. Either with a friend, a colleague or at a hotel, ensure that you confirm your reservation. This is avoid being stranded with no place to stay. Make adequate plan and ensure they are solid. If you aren’t sure of one, then get a second option ready.

Have a job appointment letter /your admission letter

Depending on your purpose of immigration, have papers to support them. With this, you can resume as soon as possible. Confirm the dates that you will be required to resume and ensure that you have plans towards doing that already.

Have knowledge about where you are going, no matter how little

With the internet today, it is very easy for one to research a place before leaving. Therefore, find out about the place you are going. The laws, the do and don’ts will help you to know the best way to conduct yourself and relate with people. It will also help you to be able to navigate and find your way around.

Have a Plan B for expenses

You may plan on catering for yourself from the salary you will be paid or the allowance you will receive. But then what happens when you do not get it very early? So, if you do not want to be left stranded in a strange country, plan your expenses before you leave. Make sure that you have a saving to go to in case of emergency.

Get better at speaking English

In most places, English is generally accepted, therefore it is only best that you try as much as possible to improve your mastery of the language. Understand basic commands and be able to hold conversations in English.