A Detailed Overview of the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ

Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ
The pandemic has changed the way we live or view the regular proceedings of life. While toppling economies and disrupting significant operations worldwide, the pandemic has also taught us a lesson. The NZ government has unarguably learned its lesson faster than its global compatriots and issued a set of necessary regulations in its immigration policies to keep its countrymen healthy and secure. The Work Visa extensions and automatic Visitor Visa extensions are some of those.

Critical Purpose Visitor Visa

The NZ government has issued a Critical purpose Visitor Visa that allows any citizen to travel NZ if they have a critical purpose of traveling to the country. The visa grants a stay period of 26-52 weeks to stay in NZ after the Critical Purpose Visa’s approval. An individual with this visa is allowed to travel to NZ even if the borders are sealed due to emergency reasons. Before applying for a Critical Purpose Visa for NZ, various things should be considered by all the people.

Important Things to Note

A person can apply for a Critical Purpose Visa only when he/she has a formal visa invitation from the government of NZ based on the critical reason mentioned in the application process.
  • The visa application process requires fulfillment of a request for travel to New Zealand form.
  • Further, if you already have a visa to travel to NZ, you still can fill the request form to implement different reasons for your visit to NZ.
  • If you run a small-scale or large-scale business, you can still request a Critical Purpose Visa to bring serious workers to the country.

How to Request a Critical Purpose Visa to New Zealand?

In order to meet the criteria of Critical Purpose Visa, you should initially register the expression of interest via the online process. Employers must submit the expression form if the employee intends to visit New Zealand as a ‘critical worker’. If the NZ government agrees upon the visa aspirant’s critical reason, they will permit you to apply one out of two conditions mentioned.
  1. A critical Purpose visa- In case you do not have a visa
  2. A change in visa condition if you already own a student visa or work permit
During the visa application process, you need to provide complete and factual information upon request.
  • Overall details about the purpose of traveling to NZ
  • Information about all the family members such as partner and children, if they are included in the visa appeal form

Critical Reasons to Travel to New Zealand

The NZ government requires a critical reason for an individual to travel to NZ under a Critical Purpose Visa permit.

Partners and Family

If you hold Australian citizenship or permanent resident ship, you are eligible to travel to New Zealand based on your relationship. The visa request form can also contain information about the dependent kids. You need to submit a relationship proof with your partner to get a Critical Purpose Visa NZ for further process. Different pieces of evidence based on the relationship with partners and adoption certificates are required for processing the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa.

Partners From Visa-Waiver Nations

If you are a passport holder from a country included in the visa-waiver countries list, you can apply for visa-waiver countries list Critical Purpose Visa NZ. The visa condition also requires a stable and genuine relationship with the citizen residing in New Zealand. The applicant needs to fulfill all the mandatory requirements for the NZ visa to be processed successfully. If the visa application form includes a dependent children visa request, it is compulsory to submit a child adoption certificate or the child’s birth certificate.

Family Members of New Zealand Residents Who Do Not Have Relationship-Based Visas

In many conditions, a dependent child, partner, or legal guardian of an NZ citizen does not hold a valid visa required to travel to NZ. In such cases, they can travel to New Zealand after completing various formalities required by the government of NZ. The following proof should be submitted for applying for a Critical Purpose Visa NZ. Book a consultation with our immigration NZ experts for information on documents required in processing the Critical Purpose Visa NZ.

  • Detailed information about the corresponding partnership with the New Zealand Citizen.
  • Documentation proof supporting the existing relationship with your partner (Marriage agreement, combined bank account, or rent agreement).
  • Identity proof documents of the visa applicant and the partner staying in New Zealand.
  • Recent travel experience with your partner across the world.
  • Proof that supports your partner is a New Zealand visa holder and that you can request a travel to New Zealand.
  • If the request form includes dependent children, you should provide proof of evidence of relationships such as a birth certificate, guardianship paper, and legal adoption agreement.

Family Members of New Zealand Residents Who Do Not Have Relationship-Based Visas

  • You should already hold a valid student or a visitor visa to reside in New Zealand
  • You must have a parent or partner in New Zealand and hold a valid student or work permit in the country

What to Do When You Reach New Zealand?

Once you have landed in New Zealand, you should self isolate or quarantine yourself for safety reasons. Further, you can also follow the instructions provided by the medical officer in NZ. The NZ government has also introduced the quarantine and managed isolation portal online by which you can allocate your seats before reaching the New Zealand shores.
A minimal amount of NZD $45 per person is charged by the NZ government for processing the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa. You will not be charged any fees if you are a resident of New Zealand. You can use cash, Master, credit, or debit cards.

Book a consultation with our immigration experts to know more about Critical Purpose Visitor Visa NZ. They will be happy to walk you through the entire process.