2 – Years Work Visa New Zealand

There are many ways one can enter New Zealand for work. Being a robustly growing nation, New Zealand is always looking for ways to fulfill its skills shortage. There are times when the nation is unable to meet its skills requirement locally and has to seek skills that it needs from international sources.  That’s where these specific categories of visa come in to picture.

Now there are two ways by which you can enter into the country for 2 years or 24 months. They are long-term skills shortage visa and the accredited employer work visa.

Both these visa types allow one to work and live in New Zealand for a total duration of 30 months with an option to apply for residency after 24 months or 2 years of regular employment.

In a way, this visa paves the way to become a resident of the country provided everything goes well. At times these visas also allow you to take short study courses during your employment.  Let’s be very clear on one part, you can only land up in a work atmosphere of the country if you have the skills that the country requires. At times there is a skills shortage and people from outside are required for the smooth economic operations of the country. That’s where these two visa types come in to play.

Make sure that your professional skills match with those required, otherwise there would be no sense in applying for it.  It’s best to seek the help of a professional immigration adviser for the same. Licensed immigration advisers are trained and equipped with the correct knowledge.

Availing services of an adviser will also ensure that you have the correct guidance and information with you. Applying for a 2-year work visa is a complex process. There are so many rules to be followed. Its complexity can lead to errors hence professional help is a must.

Connect with us to know more about it.  Let the experts help you with your work visa requirements.

2 – Years Work Visa New Zealand
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    I wanted to move with family to New Zealand. Please advise the process to get 2 years work VISA.
    Presently working in HBL Dubai UAE as Manager Datacentre and Support


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