Working While Studying & After You Graduate

Is it possible to work and study in New Zealand? Yes! It is! You can work and study at the same time. Irrespective of the fact that you are an immigrant, you get to use your student visa for more than one purpose and that is working on a student Visa. This of course can help you because you get to gain experience and also earn money.

So, as a student who is planning to migrate to New Zealand for study purpose or as a student who is considering staying behind to work in New Zealand, you are allowed loads of opportunities. All you have to do is make use of them and then you can enjoy your work and study arrangement.

Facts to note on working on a student Visa

– You can only work for about 20 hours part-time weekly as an undergraduate or a secondary school student.
– Students under 18 needs permission from the school or parents to work.
– Employers get to confirm that student employee visa allows them to work.
– The Visa label in your passport lets you know if your type of visa allows you to work or not.
– You get to work full time on holidays if you are studying full time and your course is worth 120 credits or more
– If you will study full time for at least 2 years, you can work while studying.
– As a student of Masters and PhD, you do not have any restriction on the number of hours you can work. Therefore, you can work full time at any time.
-There are various work conditions for different study programs.
-You are not allowed to work in the prostitution business or invest in it.
-Students on study visa cannot own a business of their own.

Staying to work after study

A visa which allows you to study and work is your student visa. However, if you will be doing something other than that you have to get a visa to suit. Such is staying to work after study. For this, you have to get a Post-Study Visa. This visa can be applied for up to three years after you finish your education.

Things you can do on a post study work visa

– You can work for any employer of your choice if you choose to stay to work after study. The work can be in any location as well.
– Partners of holder can apply for a work visa as well.
– Kids of post study visa holder get to study without fee as domestic students
– You are allowed to apply for further post work visa, however, you have to meet up with the conditions.
– There are various types of employment options to choose from
If you do not understand any term of your agreement related to working on a student visa, ask question. This is to avoid being deported.

Working While Studying & After You Graduate
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    Please let me know, more details on Accredited Employer work visa, where can I find list of such companies, and do these companies hire experienced people from India, I am 49 yrs old, with over 25 yrs. experience, of which past 10 years has been in BPO Operations, and rest in Sales, BD, Account Management – India , US and Netherlands market.

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