Everything you need to know about a Partnership Work Visa

People in various countries these days often choose to go abroad for work and aspire to travel along with it. A lot of people have partners working abroad. Partnership Work Visa helps a person join their partner abroad while getting a job for themselves.

New Zealand is a country with good prospects for work and beautiful scenery, culture, and friendly people.

Overview of Partnership Work Visa in New Zealand:

  • It offers a Partnership work Visa. This will allow you to join your partners in New Zealand. People can get jobs in the country or go for higher studies if they want to, and in their free time, they can enjoy what this country has to offer.
  • It offers to stay for two years for people living with their partner for more than 12 months, or one year for people living with their partners for less than 12 months.
  • With the Partnership Work Visa, people can go to New Zealand with their partners. They can work in New Zealand and study for 3 months at the most.

The article will now provide a detailed input of the requirements and the things to keep in mind.

According to Immigration New Zealand partnership is defined as two people of the same or opposite sex, living together in a stable and genuine relationship either in a legal marriage or a civil union or a de facto relationship.
The person and their supporting partner must:

  • Be over the age of 18, or if they are aged 16 or 17, should have their parent’s consent.
  • Have met one another before applying for the visa and is not closely related elsewise.

Partnership requirements:

The Immigration Department looks in the stability and genuine concerns of the relationship before they can grant the Partnership Work Visa.
The partners need to share the same home and it doesn’t include the following:

  1. Spending time at one another’s place while having a separate place for themselves.
  2. Sharing a place while on a vacation.
  3. Having flatmate arrangements.

While assessing the Partnership, the following things are looked into:
– How long the partners have been together
– How long the partners have been living together as a couple
– Living arrangements
– Mutual financial support
– Sharing of financial responsibilities
– Commitment towards a life together
– Whether the partners own property together
– Any children the partners have together
– Sharing of common household tasks
– Recognition of your relationship with other people.

Evidence required for Partnership Work Visa:

The partners must produce enough evidence to prove, there are in a stable and genuine relationship.
Evidence will carry more credibility if it is from official sources. A few examples are listed below. You do not need to produce all of these, but the more evidence you provide, the higher are your chances of getting the visa.

  • Marriage/ Civil union certificates
  • Birth certificates for any children the partners might have together.
  • Emails, Letters, Cards, and social media conversations.
  • Evidence of mutual recognition of the relationship
  • Evidence of mutual decision making
  • Evidence of spending leisure time together
  • Joint rental agreement
  • Joint bank accounts
  • Evidence of owning assets together.
  • Joint credit cards
  • Joint utility accounts

If the partners have spent time living apart, they should provide the following information to get the Partnership Work Visa:

  • The reasons for living apart
  • Duration of living apart
  • Means of keeping in touch while apart

Requirements to be fulfilled:

  • Health and character requirements must be met
  • There must be the support of the partner
  • Your partner must be eligible to support your application
  • The specific requirements vary for temporary and resident visas

A few things to note on this subject:

  • Applicants cannot include dependent children on their visa.
  • Entry can be refused if a person refuses to comply with the Immigration Department.

Benefits of having a Partnership Work Visa:

Having a Partnership Work Visa in New Zealand offers you to avail several benefits.
Firstly, the person needs to apply for entry permission when arriving in New Zealand.
After arrival, you can travel out of the country and back into it as many times as per your wish before the visa expires.
People can work in any employment as they like as long as:

  • The work is legal.
  • They are not involved in commercial sexual services.
  • They are not investing in a business providing commercial sexual services.
  • They have the occupational registration that is needed to do that work in New Zealand.

New Zealand provides options for studying for up to 3 months on a Partnership Work Visa.
Apart from this New Zealand offers impeccable beauty to explore, exciting cultures to come across, and a great time spent with your partner.

Bottom Line:

People willing to explore their opportunities in New Zealand can apply for a Partnership Work Visa from a renowned immigration consultant and lead their dream life in the land of the black caps.

Everything you need to know about a Partnership Work Visa
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