Immigrate to Canada with the Express Entry System

Express Entry is an online system used by the government of Canada to manage applications for the permanent residence of Canada through certain economic immigration programs. With the Express Entry system applications for skilled and qualified workers are managed. Express Entry is designed to simplify the immigration of skilled workers to Canada “who are most likely to succeed economically.” The system claims effective processing times, with 80% of the applications processed within 6 months or less.

Those who are qualified for one of the programs that are managed by Express Entry can submit an entry and the Canadian government will issue and then the successful candidates can apply for permanent residence. If the result on this application is positive then the applicant will be granted, and their accompanying family members will also get the permanent resident status of Canada.

Economic value Vs. “first-come-first-served”

Express Entry substituted the original “first-come first-served” immigration selection system. Express Entry was expected to be more receptive to the regional labor shortages. It systematically favors qualified immigrants by prioritizing such individuals. It also avoids the subjective selections of the earlier system which, in some cases depended on a first-come, first served basis.

Express Entry makes use of a points-based system to rank the interested candidates automatically and then select the most competitive individual for immigration. This system is called the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and the core factors taken into consideration are age, level of education, language proficiency in English and/or French, and Canadian work experience. The age of the ideal candidate should be between 20-29 years, they should possess a high level of education, and should be highly proficient in either English or French.

Benefiting the Immigrants

There were apprehensions that have also been stated about the Express Entry system. Canada was once a pathbreaking country for its immigration policies. These policies are being transformed into a system that primarily serves employers, and does not treat the immigrants as future citizens or members of Canadian communities and families. Rather the policies treat the immigrants as convenient or cheap labor. Express Entry gives too much power to the politicians and bureaucrats. Advocates of Express Entry claim that it can decrease the number of migrants failing to get work by providing them with jobs from the existing jobs vacancies.

The system

The Canadian government creates its own annual allocation for new immigrants. For 2019, Canada has decided to accept 81,400 immigrants through Express Entry high-skilled worker pathways. In addition, 61,000 immigrants through the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) of which many are associated with Express Entry.

Canadian government conducts an Express Entry draw approximately every two weeks. It invites the most competitive Express Entry candidates to apply for Canadian permanent resident status. a cut-off score is established by the federal government in these draws. They use the Comprehensive Ranking System and all the candidates with scores higher than the cut-off will get an official Invite to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency. On some rare occasions, the government may limit the draws to a specific Express Entry immigration program.

Immigrate to Canada with the Express Entry System
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